50 years after deadly train crash, survivors don’t want to forget Chicago – Chicago Tribune

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Two unofficial memorials created to commemorate the victims of the 4th of July shooting in Highland Park could soon be completed Moved from a famous downtown location If a city council member agrees with a staff recommendation.

A monument of stuffed animals, flowers, and written memories has grown at the base of the Veterans Memorial on the corner of St. John’s and Central Avenues. Another, in a pavilion across the street, is his installation of art made by a vibrant crowd that aims to call action to prevent gun violence.

Although they have drawn sizable crowds and been hailed as centers of comfort and unity, they have also proven controversial.

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Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said at a press conference that a man was in the middle of police officer SWAT training as he climbed five steps of fire escapes at the Chicago Police Department’s Homan Square facility at noon Monday.

at least one officer shot and injured a man After picking up at least two guns that had been on the table as part of the training and pointing them at the officer, Brown said. The officer was also injured by spraining his ankle during the encounter.

In 1972, an older 6-car train and a more modern 4-car train collided at 7:27 am, killing 45 and injuring 332. News reports of screaming passengers, mutilated bodies, and people staggering out of the wreck.

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Decades later, a survivor interviewed by the Tribune said: A life lived in the shadow of the crashThey don’t want Chicago to forget.

Northbrook resident Eileen Suhr Park remembers educators and other adults treating sex education as something that should never be discussed outside of the classroom. After experiencing Park founded a sex education initiative Winter 2021 — I’m not afraid of youth-led groups focused on showing people sex education.

SEI Director Park and fellow SEI members Sarah Wheeler, an IMSA senior from Canton, Illinois, and Catherine Tang, a senior at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, have spent the past few months researching, writing, and and the handbook Shattering the Taboo. : A Guide to Sexual Health Education”.

The Chicago Bulls entered the new season with high anticipation on Media Day, with training camp beginning Tuesday as they prepare for four preseason games at home to the New Orleans Pelicans on Oct. 4.

The season opener will be in Miami on October 19th, with a home opener three days later against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 5 things I learned from Media Day.

Who is Mrs. Haring? She made her famous chicken pot her pie I’ve been told I’m a woman. According to legend, Haring was the first hat salesperson to share her homemade lunches with hungry customers in her shop, and she helped Marshall to open a restaurant in her field with great success. I set up a lunchroom.

Earlier this year, Louisa Chu went in search of the real woman behind the recipe for the city’s oldest known restaurant, which dates back to 1890. Recently, Chu found a record that reveals. Mrs. Haring was not the woman we thought she was. 50 years after deadly train crash, survivors don’t want to forget Chicago – Chicago Tribune

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