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3-year-old cancer patient from Rolling Meadows needs help to embark on dream trip to Disney World

ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois – He’s not even four years old yet, but he’s been in lifelong therapy since he was a little boy.

Now the organization wants to give cancer patients in the northwestern suburbs the trip of a lifetime, and you can help.

Campaign One at a Time is raising funds Levi’s, a 3-year-old who has been battling progressive brain cancer since March 2020, will be dispatched to Walt Disney World and Give the Kids the World Village during the month of March. She needs $5,000 for that, and as of mid-month, she’s raised $3,405 for this trip.

“For us, I think every moment is so precious. Knowing that, I think he realizes that going to Disney is even more special, both for him and for us. Because you never know what’s in store,” said Levi’s mother, Shannon Two. “So it really makes sense that we and the entire Levi’s family can be a part of it.”

The couple learned about the campaign at one time from other parents with children undergoing cancer treatment.

people can donate here This is a campaign until March 31th.

Along with his parents, Shannon and Steve Two, who have been on a long journey since their first visit three years ago, this is a book that Levi will be pleased with. After seeing her child struggle with menial tasks in the first few months of her birth in June 2019, her parents brought Levi in ​​for some checkups. to get rid of it.

Since then, he has dealt with multiple treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation and stem cell replacement, all in hopes of ending the cancer. Levi has had both ups and downs in the last three years, including the discovery of new cancer cells.

As of March 2023, three years into the journey, I am completely cured of cancer, but my parents are working hard in case it comes back.

Still, what helped the couple deal with Levi’s health issues, including this effort to take their 3-year-old on the trip of a lifetime, was the people close to them and their friends along the way. It was the support from other people I met.

“Looking back on the journey, Levi has certainly been through a lot. Cancer and treatment took a lot from him, but at the same time, Levi had a great love of giving. “Whether it’s just a friend or a stranger, even through the most terrifying experiences, they come together to truly support us.

“That’s the real reason to get through the moment.”

Perhaps their support will bring them another, as we talk with WGN News Now’s Larry Hawley, which you can see in the video at the top of the page.

In the middle of the story, you can hear Levi’s stories from 2020 from Shannon and Steve Two.

https://wgntv.com/news/wgn-news-now/3-year-old-cancer-patient-from-northwest-suburbs-needs-your-help-to-go-on-dream-trip/ 3-year-old cancer patient from Rolling Meadows needs help to embark on dream trip to Disney World

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