2024 Democratic National Convention: Chicago’s Next Steps

The city’s skyline was a stunning backdrop before Wednesday’s press conference outside the Shedd Aquarium to mark Chicago win the 2024 Democratic Convention. United Center Joint Venture.

There were also light lunches such as chicken wraps and salads and vegan options. Plus there was a visit from one of Shedd’s biggest and most enduring stars, Wellington the Penkin.

The location of the celebration was very intentional — to showcase Chicago, because the purpose of a city bidding for a presidential convention is not to nominate a presidential candidate, but to boost business and boost reputation. .

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison came to Chicago the day after the DNC announced its bid after scrutinizing offers from Chicago, Atlanta and New York.

A skyline background was an obvious choice. When David Wilhelm, chairman of the Democratic National Committee at the time, traveled to Chicago to elect him as an official to the 1996 Democratic Convention, the Navy did just that at a peer.

While the final decision on the host city was made by President Joe Biden, and New York seemed to happily accept it, the front-page headline of the print edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reads in a big, sad letter: Stated. , Joe.

My friend and AJC columnist Patricia Murphy describes the city’s disappointment:

Press conference speakers were Harrison, Lightfoot, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth, DNC Vice-Chairman, Governor JB Pritzker (quarterback for the Chicago bid), and mayor-elect Brandon Johnson.

Republicans will hold their convention July 15-18, 2024 in Milwaukee. A few weeks later, Democrats 93 miles south will meet in Chicago on his Aug. 19-20 to nominate Biden and Kamala Harris as Vice Presidents.

Observations, news, and what’s next in the march to the convention:


Deals with multiple private and government entities have been negotiated or are still in progress. On Wednesday, Lightfoot signed a pact with the city, and Werts OKed his center lease with United.

McCormick Place’s contract with organized workers is still pending and all is well on its way to being signed. Each of the 30 hotels that house delegates (all located within the city) has or has a contract dealing with room blocks, rates and other details.


There are two entities that handle the large amount of funding required. The bid was approximately $80 million. Funding will be raised through his political arm, his 2024 Democratic National Convention Committee, and a nonpartisan group, the Chicago Host Committee.

The DNCC works with state parties, the DNC, delegates and the Biden reelection campaign to collectively pay for the “production” of the convention.

Host committees could include civic-minded businesses headquartered in and around Chicago, as well as Republican donors or corporate heads who simply want to revitalize the city, boost tourism, and boost economic development. The host committee will cover the costs of the welcome party and will recruit and coordinate the more than 12,000 volunteers needed in the coming months.

Lightfoot Legacy

This tournament will be Lightfoot’s lasting legacy. Having suffered her second term defeat on February 28, she had many negotiations on the city side that had or were to take place by the end of her term on May 15.

“Look, we need all of us. We need a village to present this city on the best stage.” and help tell the truth about the city of Chicago, the best city in the United States.”

Why conventions matter

It’s not about your politics per se. It is to witness one of the foundational institutions of our democracy. Yes, it’s exciting and very cool to participate in a convention session during a speech.

Harrison told his story. In 1988, at the age of 12, he attended the Democratic Convention in Atlanta. Reverend Jesse Jackson of Chicago is running for president in his second run.

“And he was talking about hope. And he was pushing a whole new generation to come in and take the lead and make sure hope was given to their generation and future generations.”

And now Harrison, 47, the son of a teenage mother and the black DNC’s third president, said he was “going to wield a gavel at the convention here in Chicago.” 2024 Democratic National Convention: Chicago’s Next Steps

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