2 killed, 28 injured, 3 seriously injured in Baltimore block party shooting, police announced | Wagon Radio 720

BALTIMORE (AP) – A shooting at a block party in Baltimore on Sunday left two dead and 28 injured, leaving a massive crime scene that ruined a US holiday weekend, police said. . Three of the injured were in critical condition.

Baltimore Police Department Acting Commissioner Richard Whalley told reporters at a news conference at the scene that the total number of victims was 30.

Worley said the shooting occurred shortly after 12:30 a.m. at a block party in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood in the south of the city.

The shooting occurred during rallies around the country leading up to the 4th of July holiday. Seven people suffered gunshot wounds and two more were hospitalized after people were stepped on as they ran out of a nightclub early Sunday morning in another Kansas shooting, state police said. .

All victims in Baltimore were adults. Worley said nine victims were transported by ambulance and 20 victims were walked to local hospitals with gunshot wounds.

An 18-year-old woman was found dead at the scene, and a 20-year-old man was pronounced dead in hospital shortly after, police said.

Mayor Brandon Scott said at the scene, “I want the responsible people to hear me, I want them to hear me clearly.” “We won’t stop until we find you, and we will find you. Until then, every time you breathe, think of the lives you’ve taken, and the lives you’ve touched here tonight.” We hope.”

No arrests were made immediately after the shooting. Scott called on anyone with information to come forward to help investigators find the “scoundrel” responsible for the shooting.

Authorities said the crime scene was extensive and that criminal investigations would take time.

“Treat this like your own family,” Scott said. “If you were in mourning, if this was your neighborhood, if this was an event in your area, how would you like people to treat it? I want you to treat me that way because I have to treat you that way.”

Hours after the shooting, dozens of police remained at the scene, working behind police tape in the densely packed two-story residential neighborhood. Folding tables and plastic cups were scattered about the scene, believed to have been left behind as people fled from the sound of gunfire.

The violence occurred this week as federal prosecutors in Baltimore touted efforts to reduce violent crime in the city. Police have reported nearly 130 murders and nearly 300 shootings so far this year, down from the same period last year. Authorities have vowed to aggressively crack down on repeat violent offenders. 2 killed, 28 injured, 3 seriously injured in Baltimore block party shooting, police announced | Wagon Radio 720

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