You May Need To File a Lawsuit If You Were Injured at a Concert

With the summer months coming very soon, many of you may be preparing for the opportunity to attend outdoor concerts or other fun events. Attending these types of events are usually an enjoyable experience, but there are occasions when people can get hurt. Unfortunately, these things can happen when we least expect them to.

Certain injuries are more likely to occur during specific events, like someone easily being stomped on by a crowd at a concert, or pyrotechnic effects or something being hurled from the stage have the potential of hurting a spectator. Fans in the crowd may take a spill. Maybe this is when you reach out to slip and fall lawyers in your area.

When you attend a concert, you are there for a memorable experience, not to be injured badly enough to be hospitalized and suffer permanent injury. However, in certain circumstances, this is precisely what occurs. In 2017, a fan sued Rae Sremmurd, alleging irreparable disfigurement as a result of a water bottle they hurled into the audience. The fan said that the bottle took a portion of his face off and that he needed to go to the hospital right away.

What Do You Do If You Are Hurt at a Concert?

Being hurt during a fun outing might not be exactly what you were expecting, but when it happens, you should know what to do. At the moment, you could be too shocked to think clearly. If it does happen, bear the following in mind:

See a doctor. Getting medical attention as soon as possible is very important if you are to have a legal claim. When you have a doctor examine you, they will record your injuries, which can be used to build a strong case if you choose to file a lawsuit.

Photograph everything. You should have someone take photos of your injuries, where it took place, and anything else related, as well as gather information about the time and any witnesses.

Document the incident. You should make a detailed account of what occurred, as you may forget certain details as time passes. Jot down everything while it’s still fresh in your mind. Make contact with witnesses and get their testimony as well. If you decide to sue the venue, doing so will help your case.

Try to get all the evidence you can, including video footage from either the venue or other fans, or both. This might be challenging, so consult an attorney for advice on how to get security video.

Who Could Be to Blame?

The injury you suffer determines whether you have a legal suit on your hands or not. A shoulder injury from someone bumping into you may not qualify. But, if you are pushed and your head strikes the ground very hard and you sustain brain damage, you most likely have a case.

There could be other factors as well. For example, if you find yourself with a head injury because you dove off the stage, this could be very hard to blame on someone else. Usually, you have to have been injured due to circumstances you could not avoid.

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