Why Illinois needs online casino gaming sooner rather than later.

Even though the legalisation of sports betting came to fruition in the US in 2018, many states have failed to produce a new bill which will allow large brands and up and coming operators to share its array of options with mass audiences. This applies to Illinois too, despite the fact that people have been betting on horse racing and taking part in the Illinois Lottery for a good while now. Sadly, online gambling is illegal in the state and, unlike many other states in the country, no iGaming regulations have been passed. 

According to Senator Dave Syverson, it could be a difficult road ahead for online casino legalisation too. He recently said: “In the politics of this right now, I just don’t see there being any serious discussion about iGaming until at least 2023. And if the economy is bad in ’23, it won’t be touched then either.” 

With 2023 likely to be the best-case scenario for online casino legalisation being put in place, many gamers are missing out on what is an excellent all-round gaming package, although the  VIP Crypto Casino  experience is a popular alternative. In countries with a similar landscape to America, though, online casino gaming is booming. For example, in the UK, residents and foreign visitors are allowed to enjoy the benefits of online gambling anywhere in the country, with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulating it all. Hopefully, in time, a similar type of scenario can be established here. 

With that in mind, below is a look at some key reasons why legalising gambling can have a dramatic impact. 

A better and safer experience 

With the emergence of online casinos in other states has come a range of benefits. The fact is online casino gaming is a digital alternative to taking a trip to a land-based casino. With online options increasing around the country, they have generated a great deal of additional revenue for various states. For example, in September alone, New Jersey generated $18.5 million in tax revenue courtesy of the iGaming industry. These legal operators are therefore thriving and giving players a more authentic experience in the process, particularly as they replace the concerning trend of illegal operators coming to the fore. They are also halting the progress of offshore websites which offer bots as dealers. Essentially, if the state can regulate the industry and tax, it accordingly, then it can benefit everyone. 

Job creation 

Overall, the iGaming industry has led to the creation of over 1.8 million jobs in both land-based and online casinos globally. These types of operations can benefit surrounding areas and provide jobs for local people. Some players can even become professional players off the back of a successful gambling period too, therefore allowing them to feed their families and alleviate any financial stresses which might be occurring along the way. 

A great way to game 

Gaming at an online casino is a great experience. Instead of accessing the options in both the App Store and Google Play, using a smartphone device to tuck into some classic table games or some music-themed slots is a great deal of fun. Hopefully, in time, the people of Illinois can discover the delights of online casino gaming too.

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