Which Material Should I Choose For My Replacement Windows And Doors?

The Most Common Replacement Windows and Doors Materials

Windows and doors play many roles in your home. For instance, front doors are the first part of the house people see, so they should create a perfect first impression. Besides, the door is the main entry to the house, meaning it should be sturdy enough to provide security against burglars and intruders.

The challenge in buying doors and windows comes in when choosing the right material. There are many door materials in the market, each with different characteristics, pros, and cons. Wood is the most common material, followed by steel and fiberglass. It is advisable to research the cons of each material before buying, and the characteristics will also help you know the  windows and doors  material that meets your requirements.  Take a look.

1. Wood

Wood is the most common windows and doors material in the market. People prefer it because of the warm natural finishing that no other material can display. Wood is also very strong and durable, making the door strong. This door can be stained and painted into the colors of your choice, so you can play around with colors to see which one matches your home well.

Besides the advantages, wood also has disadvantages that you cannot overlook. The door material is very vulnerable to elements like water and the sun. It absorbs moisture, swells, and starts to rot. This leads to irreparable damages.

When exposed to direct sunlight, this door material starts to fade and warp, and you will need to restain, which is costly. Wood doors are expensive to buy and maintain, a reason why they are reducing in popularity.

2. Steel

Steel is a preferred door material because of its durability, affordability to buy, and less cost to maintain. These doors are also available in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to choose a door style. Today’s steel is mixed with other materials to make the door energy efficient, and the door is sturdy to provide security. Steel can be repainted into colors of your choice.

The downsides of steel are that it is not the best material for houses along the coast because of the humidity and salt concentration in the atmosphere. The material reacts to moisture and salt and begins to rust, weakening. The rusting also reduces the aesthetics of the door. Steel is not as energy efficient as wood, and it also has lower impact resistance. It is prone to dents and fading, although you can repaint it to hide the fading and rust, which won’t last long.

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a standard door material known for its energy efficiency, which is higher than that of steel and wood. That is why most window and door companies Toronto are opting for fiberglass material for their windows and doors. Fiberglass is also sturdy, durable, and low maintenance, another reason people prefer it. Besides, fiberglass doors are affordable than wood and have a high energy resistance. The door can be stained with wood finishing to give it a natural look that most homeowners are dying to have.

Besides that, fiberglass is expensive to buy, and although the door is very energy efficient, you might not get it in the design you like. This door material is hard to trim and shape. It is also hard to custom make a fiberglass door because of the hardness to manipulate.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum is commonly used in commercial buildings, but you will also find the material in residential houses. The door material doesn’t rust, and it is sturdy for security. The door is also cheap to buy and affordable to maintain.

Aluminum can be repainted into colors of your choice, and the door material is energy efficient. When purchasing, you have the freedom to choose the shape and style of aluminum door that you like. The downside of aluminum is lower energy efficiency than wood and fiberglass.

5. Hire An Installer Or DIY

Door installation is not complicated if you have the basic skills of windows and doors installation. You can hire a professional to do it for you or DIY if you have the right tools and skills. However, the replacement is involving the removal of the entire frame; you should consider hiring a professional door/ window installer.

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