What is a good travel gift experience that travellers can book for themselves?

Ever heard of the expression „Beautiful memories will last forever, things will not“? Well, it is true. Gifting someone with an unforgettable memory leaves everything else in the shade. It is because experience-based gifts affect someone’s emotions, unlike things that can last only a limited time. When it comes to „In matters of taste, there can be no disputes“, gifting an experience is a much safer path (you should make a list and check it twice).

So here are some of the meaningful experience-based gifts:

A weekend gateway or a city break with a local agency

Treat yourself (or your loved ones) with a memorable short holiday. You can choose from experiencing the great outdoors and picturesque villages to exploring the cultural, entertainment and foodie scene with a local agency (Sarajevo Tours is the one I reccomend).

Accommodation Voucher (or even a Flight Voucher)

There is a selection of accommodation gift cards you can use to book millions of properties worldwide. You can choose directly from some of the world’s largest accommodation chains (or airline companies) or use a platform dedicated to selling gift vouchers for accommodation and flights all over the world.

 A Museum Pass or a GetYourGuide Gift Card

Many cities and destinations offer an annual or 24-month pass which can be redeemed and provide free access to museums, collections, displays, museum-related shows, and live demos. Similarly, one of the most popular online travel agencies GetYourGuide offers vouchers for tour guides, excursions, outdoor activities, cooking classes, attraction passes…

A unique adventure-based experience – Are you buying a gift for an adrenaline junkie? What type of extreme adventure are we talking about? Is it a water, ski, or sky-loving traveller? Those are all information that comes in handy when picking the right gift. You can buy scuba diving lessons, skiing/snowboarding vouchers or even paragliding lessons. Check with the person who knows the recipient the best (recipient him/herself) to tell you what they want.

You have a great idea for a travel gift experience yourself? You are more than welcome to share them with us.

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