What you can do when you can’t book your preferred moving date?

We all know that how important it is to book your preferred moving date and that is why professionals recommend all people to secure their moving date as soon as possible. But if because of many reasons you can’t book the moving date you want to and thinking what you should do now then here you will get the answer to your question. The moving quotes you get from the movers also depend on the chosen moving date and hence your entire financial planning related to the move can get disturbed if the moving date changes.

Most people choose to hire professionals for moving to reduce the moving stress, to save their time and efforts and it is always a wiser option to move with the help of professionals. Also, it reduces the risk of damage of items during transportation as you have given your home belongings to the hands of professionals who are highly experienced in handling fragile home belongings. But if you are unable to find the suitable movers for the moving date you want them to then it is such a big problem as you might have sold your current home or the rental apartment closing date is approaching near. This will increase the stress level at moment. But luckily there are certain things which you can consider doing at such times. Check out these:

Are you on a lease agreement? Ask for an extension!

If you are living in a home or apartment then it is time to comply with the term of the lease. Yes, it is important to follow all the rules and regulations of the lease. Make sure you check all the obligations of the lease agreement. Readout everything very carefully and know how much time you have to notify the landlord about your move.

If you understand all the clauses present in the contract then taking the further step will become easier for you. Then you can ask for a further short-term apartment lease.

Yes, it is hard to negotiate an apartment lease but you can do it if you put effort. Getting a lease month by month is not easy because apartment owners want to give apartments on lease on yearly basis to eliminate the daily paperwork and another hassle of documentation.

If you treat the property with respect and behave like a responsible tenant then asking for an extension of the lease agreement could be a good option for you. Before you ask for an extension of the lease, make sure you know the time when you are going to move and you should first book movers for that specific date and then ask for the lease extension so you don’t get any problems in the future.

Take the same house on renting again

If you have prepared the documentation of the rental closing date but because you are unable to move then you could ask for renting back the same home. This helps you to keep your possession to the same home for a longer duration and till the next moving date, you can live in the same home. But remember that apart from the rental amount, you also have to the mortgage amount, property tax, and insurance amount to the homeowner. This is just the best option to extend your possession.

Are you selling your old property?

If you have put your old home on sale and you are not moving soon now then again it creates complications as to where you will live after selling your current home.

If you are still in the negotiation phase and have not to sell your property yet then it is an advantage for you and now you can push back the moving date of the new owner and can keep the possession at the home for an extended period and can live in the same home until you move. Pushing out the closing dates is not very difficult because there could be numerous reasons why the closing delays occur.

Note: It is recommended you always consider an extension to the moving date because your new home renovation also requires time and therefore it is very easy to get late to move into your new home.

Alternative work arrangements

You should ask your HR about the work extension so that you can make your survival money here until you move. If you can’t continue your job in the same organization then you could find another job in another organization and can earn to live a good life. Of course, you can’t live without money and moving requires a lot of money, therefore, this is not the time when you sit idle at home.

Wrapping it all up!!!

The best way to eliminate the situation is to pre-book movers two to three months before the moving date. Hiring professionals always make sense while moving instead you opt for a DIY move to move without any stress even when you don’t get the movers on the date you want them to hire. You could consider all the above options when you don’t get the movers on the right date.

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