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What would be the cost of living in Hyderabad City?

Hyderabad is a city which is known for its rich heritage and culture. In the past few decades, the city has shown tremendous growth in different aspects. Consequently, many students and working professionals from all across the country are now moving towards Hyderabad city for better career prospects. Although it could be challenging to move to a new city, however hospitality provided by Hyderabad city can make people forget every issue. If you are somebody planning to move to Hyderabad, then you would be happy to know that the cost of living in this city is comparatively less than other metropolitan places in the country.

Accommodation Expenses

The major decision that the migrants have to take after reaching Hyderabad is to look after some accommodation options. People always want to find a place that is budget-friendly and provides them with a healthy lifestyle. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of good accommodation options in Hyderabad city that suits people with varying budget figures. People are just required to conduct a thorough research about available properties on the internet, take the help of the real estate agents and visit the shortlisted properties to reach out to the final decision. If you are a student or a single working professional who is looking for 1 bhk in Hyderabad for rent, then such property would cost around Rs 14000 to 23000 per month.

Moreover, it also depends on the locality where the person is looking for his rental flat. Therefore, finding the most suitable rental flat will not be quite challenging. Certain efforts done by the renter would help in finding the best one at affordable rates.

Transportation expenses

Another major concern for the new migrants in the city is the cost of the daily commute to colleges and workplaces. Well, first of all, it is suggested that the renter usually looks for the rental property near his work location. However, if he could not find a good place near the workplace then there is nothing to worry about as the city is well equipped with all sorts of transportation services. The train services in Hyderabad are the cheapest ones to travel in. If the person wants to have the more frequent option, then they can choose bus service, The bus ticket prices can go as low as Rs 7 to 10. Soon this city is going to have a Metro train service.

People can also choose auto-rickshaw and rental bike services if they want. Henceforth, transportation services will not be something that the individual should be worried about after reaching Hyderabad.

Utility expenses

People usually find themselves worrying about how much would be the utility expenses in Hyderabad. Well, a major proportion of your income gets allocated towards the incurring of such expenses. It depends on the type of location you choose to settle in and the accommodation you have looked for. Usually, it would cost around Rs 1500 to 4000. However, if you have chosen to live in a posh society, then there would be a change and the expenses would increase.

So, it is usually recommended that the renter must allocate a certain figure of amount for utility expenses in the budget. They must also search for the location and the accommodation options accordingly.

Monthly shopping expenses

If you are a shopaholic, then the good news is that Hyderabad is known to cater to the needs of all types of customers. There are several markets that the customers can choose to shop from. People can explore different markets as per their requirements for clothes, shoes, perfumes, etc. Some markets are also known to provide the best quality product to their customers at affordable prices. If someone is really brand conscious and want to buy the best quality clothes and accessories, then he or she can malls and showroom to buy his or her stuff. Generally, the monthly shopping expenses for an individual could go around Rs 5000 to 6000. But if you are a shopping freak, then you may cross this figure.

Grocery expenses

Another point of concern after moving to a new city is the need for daily essentials of the household. Well, one can find all the required household essentials in Hyderabad. There are several grocery or karyana stores in every locality. One can visit his or her nearby shop and buy items that they want. They can also order online from e-commerce websites such as BigBasketetc where they would provide your ordered items at your doorsteps. Generally, it is expected that the monthly grocery expenditure would go around Rs 5000. But if you are not living alone and staying with family, then the amount will be different and rise according to the needs of the whole family.

These are the factors that would make the total cost of living in Hyderabad city. People searching for a 1bhk flat on rent Hyderabad can expect the above costs on monthly basis. People should research about all possible costs on the internet and make budget accordingly.


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