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What to Check When Proofreading Your Copy

Whether you’re writing a job application letter, a blog post, or an academic paper, proofreading is a crucial step in making sure the intended message is delivered.  It is the final quality check in the writing process.

Not matter the language in which you write, it is critical to check a document for several defects such as typos, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and layout before sharing or publishing it. In this article, we share 8 tips about what to check in any copywriting text from the Spanish web content writer of www.spanishwriterpro.com. As you will see initially, a proofreader’s main task is to eliminate any errors in your document. However, there is so much more behind.

8 Proofreading Checklist

1.   Brand Style Inconsistency

Building brand trust among your target audience is a daunting task and requires a lot of consistency. By adopting a particular style, a business establishes itself as an authority in the industry that customers can trust. Therefore, to maintainit is prudent for an organization to proofread its content effectively.

You don’t want your readers taken out of context in the middle of an article. For example, imagine yourself reading an article about cryptocurrency and the way is changing how we pay for goods and services. Suddenly, a line about Covid 19 outbreak appears in the middle of nowhere. That willmake a reader confused. Therefore, it is critical to proofread your work to identify instances where the writing tone shifts and ensure flow.

2.   Vague Sentences Structure

It is crucial to avoid ambiguities in the choice of your words. It can save your readers from confusion as they try to make sense out of your sentences. Refrain from unnecessary wording that adds no meaning or too many short sentences that make your text repetitive. A proficient proofreader should ensure the sentences are precise and bold to keep the reader focused.

3.   Grammar Errors

Grammar errors are common mistakes that even the finest authors make and which can hugely discredit your work. Incorrect grammar will tarnish your company’s reputation and jeopardize your chances of being considered an authority in your field. Additionally, errors may change the meaning of your message, misguiding the reader to taking the wrong course of action.

A good proofreader will be vigilant to detect common grammatical errors such as misplaced commas, incorrect application of apostrophes, dangling modifiers, and faulty parallelism. It is critical to proofread your work, either by yourself or by hiring a professional, to ensure no errors in your text. Explicit wording eliminates ambiguity and makes it easier for your readers and potential clients to read and comprehend.

4.   Formatting

Proper document formatting is one of the most critical aspects of end-user readability. A well-prepared document portrays your company as one that is disciplined and adheres to standards.  Furthermore, it has an impact on the reader’s perception of the content.

A poorly formatted text portrays a writer as untrustworthy and can lead to a reader losing interest. A proofreader ensures that your document has the following:

  • Proper spacing of paragraphs
  • Correct alignment
  • The right font sizes
  • The correct size of subheadings
  • The right and consistent bullet style

5.   Incorrect Word Usage

Having the wrong word can completely distort the meaning of the intended message to your target audience. The correct word choice establishes the appropriate tone and lends credence to your argument. Similarly, understanding the various meanings of words, their connotation, and denotations improves your writing.

Conversely, avoid informal words as they are generally less explicit and thus weakens your writing. A competent proofreader can assist you in selecting the appropriate words.

6.   Logical Images

Images are supposed to set the right mood for your readers. It is not always easy to find the perfect visual but finding one is imperative. When selecting an image for your website make sure it makes contextual sense to your target audience. In any case, you don’t want your readers confused. A perfect visual does not require explanation and should make sense on its own.

A Proofreader will ensure that you honor the copyrights laws and rights of usage and make sure the images selected are of high quality.

7.   General Flow

Many authors toss about lines and paragraphs and believe they’ve struck gold in the writing world. It can be hard to create a coherent document with a logical flow. A good copy should be in such a way that the audience understands the fundamental message intended.

A good proofreader should ensure the following:

  • Each sentence deals with one main idea
  • Correct punctuation
  • Well-constructed paragraphs
  • Proper use of transitional words
  • Guarantee seamless transitions between paragraphs and sections.

A document in which a writer has utilized transitional words sparingly has a clear message to the reader. Similarly, having a clear outline and varying the length of your sentences gives your wring a rhythm.

8.   Broken Links

Lastly, you should ensure that every link in your document leads to the intended destination. Broken links are a frustration to the end-users and can harm your credibility as a writer. Furthermore, they can drive a potential purchase to an undesired site, resulting in a loss of revenue. A proofreader ensures that all of your links are functional and not broken.

 Closing Thoughts

Though it is the final step in the writing process, proofreading gives your text more power by eliminating frequent faults. Once you’ve followed the above proofreading checklist, you’ll have reached the point where your work is perfect and ready for your readers. It also sets you apart from other writers and establishes you as an authority in your industry. However, for better results, I recommended that you hire a professional proofreader or seek help from a third party.


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