What is Internet Telephony and Can it Help My Business?

You may have heard the term ‘internet telephony’ and wondered about its meaning, or you may have already used it without realizing; examples of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) include Zoom and Skype, platforms that use the Internet to send and receive audio and video data. This means you can bypass the cell networks that charge by the minute; once you have a stable Internet connection, you are good to go.

Real-Time Video

Why shouldn’t your business take advantage of affordable real-time video? Most businesses are already using VoIP communication, which saves a lot every month on cellphone use. Enjoy a 3-hour call without having to worry about the cost and video conferencing empowers you to collaborate with your managers in a virtual setting. Share files in real time and use the virtual whiteboard to show your ideas, while every participant can see and hear the others. Talk to a local Bakersfield IT support company about VoIP solutions and take the first step to saving a lot of money on business communication.

Land & Cellphone Numbers

Using Internet telephony doesn’t restrict you in any way; it is easy to use and very affordable, which actually empowers the organization, making sure that all key players are on the same page. Social media platforms have voice and video call options, which has really helped during the pandemic and using the same technology, you can enjoy secure real-time video conferencing for a fraction of the cost of regular phone calls.

Video Conferencing

Whether discussing a business proposal or talking with a team of designers, real-time video is like being in the same room; there’s no need to travel to a meeting, simply arrange a video conference, which costs next to nothing. All calls are secure and from your central control panel, you can see who is using the system and even record meetings and send it to all participants, which is a great idea. Click here for an update on how Tesla is doing in the US auto markets.

Collaboration Tools

Having a video meeting using a platform such as Zoom means you have many powerful tools at your disposal. File sharing and updating in real time, while you have a thumbnail of all the participants. You can draw diagrams on the virtual whiteboard or post reports and charts for everyone to see and this is perfect during the pandemic, when restrictions are in place.

Why Pay More?

Cell networks are overpriced and rather than paying by the minute, you can pay a flat fee and use the system as much as you want. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you can save as much as 50% when compared to telecom networks, plus you have a much better service that empowers your business. If you would like a free demo, talk to a local managed IT services provider, who would be happy to set up a demo video call and answer any questions that you might have.

If you would like to know more about VoIP solutions, talk to a local managed IT services company that is based in Bakersfield and start saving money on your business communication.


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