What Innovations We Can Expect in the American Online Casino

It took a long time for U.S. authorities to legalize online gambling. Now that the industry is not illegal on a federal level and few states started introducing beneficial laws, online casinos are exploding across the country. 

The one thing everybody regrets is that larger steps weren’t made sooner. Most states are yet to discuss and pass approving legislation towards online gambling. But we’re happy about every movement forward, mostly because it means more competition in the industry. And we all know that competition triggers progress and innovations.

What innovations can we expect to see in the American online casino industry throughout 2022? There’s an exciting list ahead!

  • Virtual Reality

Live dealer games are already a huge hit. The player watches a live broadcast from a studio, with a dealer behaving just like they would in a brick-and mortar casino. VR technology is going to take this concept further. This is the most important trend, which is going to define the US casinos 2022 list of most popular websites. By wearing a VR headset and accessing a casino that supports this technology, you’ll experience the most realistic version of online betting.

VR technology offers vast opportunities for experimentation. We expect online casinos to offer experiences from hyper-modern Monte Carlo resorts to 18-century British casinos.   

  • IoB (Internet of Behaviors)

Most of us know what the IoT (Internet of Things) is, but have you heard about the Internet of Behaviors? The term is used for webmasters’ attempts to collect and understand data from their users’ online activity. During this process, they use not only statistics, but psychology as well. 

What does this mean to a particular gambler? All websites gather data from your activity. When online casinos analyze that data according to the IoB principles, they will tailor a more suitable and appealing offer. Their personalized offer may focus on bonuses for specific types of games. Thanks to this technology, online casinos will also identify problem gamblers and offer solutions. 

  • Apps for Smartwatches

The market for wearable devices is getting bigger and more important by the day. According to the Pew Research Center, 21% of Americans use a smartwatch. These devices are becoming more capable, so it’s no wonder why we expect casino game developers to focus on apps for wearables. This goal may be overwhelming at the moment, but all technological trends seem a little bit of a stretch at first.  

  • More Mobile Apps

Have you ever wondered why some of the most popular online casinos don’t offer apps for smartphones and tablets? It’s because casino game developers still haven’t focused on developing games for applications. Their software works perfectly for mobile-friendly websites, but apps require a different approach. As a result, gamblers who want to play on smart devices are limited to accessing websites via a browser. 

We expect this to change in 2022. It’s about time for software developers to shift their focus towards app-dedicated games.

  • More Live Dealer Games

Thanks to the live dealer concept, online players enjoy a realistic gambling experience. The problem is that we don’t see enough competition in this sector. 

Some of the most prominent providers of live dealer games are Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Ezugi, and Microgaming. Most other developers are focused on slots and table games driven by software. We expect that to change, as gamblers are demanding more choice and competitiveness in the live dealer segment.  

We Expect a Massive Shift Forward

The global online gambling industry is expected to reach values above $92.9 billion by 2023. New websites are consistently being launched, and they contribute with more competition on the market. Websites use advanced technology to track their players’ habitual behavior and offer personalized solutions. Software developers also compete by introducing more exciting games with better graphics. 

With more U.S. states moving towards legalization, we expect the online casino industry to boom in 2022!

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