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What are the Best Places Online to Get Mobile Games?

Mobile gaming is massive, and players want access to the latest mobile games as soon as they are released. With millions of people around the world wanting to play mobile games, what are the best places online to get mobile games?

Google Play

The Google Play Store is one of the leading places to find mobile games for those using Android devices. You can access Google Play using an Android mobile device and there are thousands of games available to install and play. All the major mobile gaming titles are available, and you will find plenty of games developed by independent studios, some of which are ranked highly in the video gaming charts. Google Play offers both free and paid games, so you can choose to play games without spending any money but even the paid games are often available at a reasonable price.

Examples of the types of games you can find at Google Play include Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, FIFA, and Grand Theft Auto. In addition, you can access online casino games via the Google Play Store and play casino games using your mobile phone for real money.

App Store

The App Store works in a comparable way to Google Play in that it offers a wide range of free and paid mobile games. However, the App Store is for those using an iOS device, such as an iPhone. You will find many of the same games available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. As part of the App Store, mobile games are available via Apple Arcade which is a mobile game subscription service. There are over 200 games available at the time of writing and there are no adverts or in-app purchases in any of the games. Adventure, puzzle, simulation, strategy, board, and sports games are just some of the game types available when using Apple Arcade.

Microsoft App Store

One of the latest additions to the mobile gaming world is the Microsoft App Store. There is a dedicated section for games on the Microsoft App Store and they range from simple card games to complex adventure games. Many of the mobile games on the Microsoft App Store are free to play but there are some paid games available. There are over 500 different mobile games available on the Microsoft App Store and the catalogue is growing every month. For those who purchase the Microsoft Game Pass, additional games are available to play on mobile for free, with many leading titles included.

Some mobile game developers may offer their game exclusively on their website, which means you must use their links to download and install the game. However, this is rare because most mobile game developers want to get their game in-front of as many people as possible. The best way to do that is by adding it to the Google Play, App, and Microsoft App Store. These three options are the best places online to get mobile games.

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