Trending Crypto Projects You Should Definitely Follow to in 2022

Crypto is one of the most profitable ways to earn a lot of money. You may earn tokens of various brands by simply investing in them, trading, exchanging tokens, or playing and winning games. The options are vivid, and you need to find the most reliable ones.

If you require updated facts about the latest changes in the crypto market, follow Chainbroker. This famous platform always remains up-to-date to provide its visitors with the most advantageous investment options. We have used its help to define the top-7 trending projects you should definitely follow in 2022.

Sandwich Network

Our first suggestion is called Sandwich Network. The trend offers varied prospects for its customers. You will enjoy amazing discounts, private and public sales, advanced technologies, and no limits in your choices. Its main benefits are as follows:

  • Permissionless access;
  • Discounts for various kinds of tools;
  • The use of DEX tokens;
  • Adaptation of launchpad technology;
  • Useable for all;
  • Boosted safety;
  • Fully decentralized;
  • Regular updates and upgrades;
  • Offers private and public sales;
  • Varied marketing options;
  • High staking and so on.

Plato Farm

Our second crypto option is known as Plato Farm. It is a funny game, which needs your wits and strategic thinking. You are to grow and develop a farm until it becomes a huge city. Use the in-game tokens MARK and PLATO to get upgrades, exchange tools, etc. Join guilds to become stronger. It offers the next prerogatives:

  • High return rates;
  • NFT and blockchain;
  • Multiple partnership possibilities;
  • Full decentralization;
  • Amazing gaming options to satisfy all gamers;
  • Boosted customization;
  • Multiple ways to earn a lot of tokens;
  • High safety and scalability.

Game Lounge

Another beneficial option for true crypto lovers is called Game Lounge. It was developed by MoonStarter. You will enjoy the play-to-earn perspective in a variety of games, which will satisfy all kinds of gamers. The platform provides the next advantages:

  • The use and development of Metaverse and NFT;
  • 100% customization and personalization;
  • Various play-to-earn options;
  • Swift growth;
  • Easily accessible and usable;
  • Fair fee returns.


One more great option to select is Monsterra. Its name is pretty promising, isn’t it? Well, its real benefits are even more amazing and beneficial. It offers advanced technology, updated trends, fair return rates, and on. Here are what it proposes:

  • No gatekeepers and banks;
  • The use of NTF and development of metaverse;
  • Various chances for partnerships;
  • Various kinds of battles and events;
  • High scalability and percentage of token return;
  • Supported by famous platforms;
  • A user-friendly interface and so on.


Vlaunch is also worth your attention and time. It collaborates and supports various crypto chains. Among them are ETH, FTM, BSC, Polygen, and so on. Make allowances for the benefits it provides:

  • Advanced transparency;
  • Work with famous crypto funds;
  • Fair rates;
  • Supported by reliable platforms;
  • Regular updates and upgrades;
  • Multiple chances to earn tokens and establish partnerships;
  • Full decentralization;
  • Great customization, etc.

Chumbi Valley

Another great crypto project for 2022 is Chumbi Valley. It likewise provides a great variety of investment opportunities for its customers thanks to its qualified experts. They check the latest tendencies in the market and thus recommend valuable assets. Its main dividends are:

  • An amazing game with various modes;
  • The use of Blockchain and NFT technologies;
  • Well-thought scenarios;
  • An interactive interface;
  • Rapid development;
  • Multiple chances to earn digital money;
  • High return rates;
  • Boosted safety;
  • No gatekeepers.

UNQ Club

The last on the list of our review is called UNQ Club. It is also very promising for crypto users. Make allowances for its conditions:

  • Access to various chains;
  • Varied partnerships;
  • Support by famous trends;
  • Flexible structure;
  • Access to private and public sales;
  • Full customization;
  • Full decentralization.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, our informative review will be useful for you and your friends. Check each of the 7 projects to figure out which one is the best for you. Afterward, start to earn your tokens.


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