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Top Six Casino Card Games You Need to Play

Don’t be like those who think all there is to a casino is just slot machines. There are dozens of other interesting games you can play. Topping the list of other interesting games are the card games, which require just a little background knowledge to enjoy. To guide you in choosing any other game aside from random slot machines, we will review the top six casino games worth playing when you are at the casino.

Best Six Card Games


  1. Blackjack

This remains the ultimate casino classic card game of all time. It is not only just popular amongst casino card lovers, but it is also best known for having one of the highest return to player percentages. The game isn’t as complicated as many think. You have a deck that features fifty-two cards consisting of four different suits, including the Ace, Spade, Diamond, and Heart.

In blackjack, there are only two hands. You have the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand. The rules for winning are very basic. The hand with the highest number wins, and any hand with a sum total of over twenty-one loses. You might be lucky enough to find a casino that has a $5 minimum bet. Also, the maximum amount may vary too.

  1. Red Dog

Here is another fascinating casino card game that newbies will find very enjoyable. It requires a simple strategy, too, making it very easy to play. Upon your ante bet, you are given three cards with the middle facing down. If you think the middle has value, then you may raise your hand. If you are not certain, then you may call and play on your current wager.

You may be lucky enough to find yourself a generous casino willing to give you an impressive welcome bonus on your wager. Also, the most popular online casino, likeĀ NitroCasino online, offers the Red Dog card game for you to play.

  1. Texas Hold ’em Card Game.

Unlike traditional Texas Hold ’em Poker that you may be used to, you only play with the dealer this time around, not other players. So you may want to keep your bluffs away. Regardless, it is a really interesting, fast-paced game that requires the dealer to play till the end. You are required to make an ante bet and a call bet. However, your call bet is always double what you are putting forward as the ante.

  1. Casino Solitaire

There is something tasteful about solitaire, and it just has to be about how uncomplicated it is. You have a single deck consisting of just fifty-two cards. With this number of cards, the game’s objective is to create four piles of cards in ascending order. This pile must begin with an Ace and end with a king. The winner is the first to arrange the entire fifty-two cards in this ascending foundation pile order. Players can share their foundation, but they have an individual deck and cannot play into each other’s tableaus.

  1. Vegas Three Card Rummy

Who goes to Vegas without getting rummy? The next time you visit a casino, try out this very simple card game. The rule here is quite simple. The player and the dealer are dealt with three cards, and the total is calculated to qualify. The dealer must have at least a cumulative card sum of 20 to qualify. The deal is for the player to qualify, and upon an ante bet, they must have a cumulative number lesser than that of the dealer to win 4 to 1.

  1. Baccarat

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Undoubtedly, baccarat is renowned for enjoying some of the highest stakes in any casino. It is a simple card game with straightforward betting. There are two hands in this game which are the player and the banker. To determine the win, you may place your bet on either the player or the banker. You may also place on a tie. The winning is determined by the hand with the highest total, either the player or the banker. If the total is equal, there is a tie. Hence, those who place a bet on this tie win the round.

Final Thoughts

Card games remain one of the best you can play in any casino. They are very interactive and have impressive odds. Their return to player percentage is never always bad, which is why they are our most recommended games for newbies. Never again should you be in doubt of which of the card games to choose. Just select any of our top six choices and have fun!


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