Top Five Sport NFT Projects to Consider This Year

It doesn’t matter what type of sports fan you are; there are different NFT projects you should consider whenever you want to get started with non-fungible tokens. You should know that there are numerous projects that you can join once you decide to enter the space. And like when you want to place your first bet on any sport, such as NASCAR betting, you need to understand the space. 

Aside from that, there are many sports NFT projects to consider, but we’ve gathered some of the best projects entering the market this year. So, continue reading to learn more about the five sports NFT projects you should consider when you want to buy one this year. 

Fanzone Sports Club

Plenty of the NFT projects today focuses on exclusivity in a restricted club format, meaning that a specific NFT would be a part of a larger community. In addition, they will have a say in the project. Each NFT owner would have the chance to come together for VIP parties, meetups, and events. Also, they can come together to talk about the project’s future.

A notable example of this community-based NFT is the Fanzone Sports Club NFT collection for soccer fans, involving NFT passes that allow you access to the activities the team engages in on and off the pitch. These passes are similar to lifetime season tickets for games with additional perks. They also come in three types; Gold, Black, and Diamond. 

Hoop Toons

This one is for basketball fans that want a little bit of extra. The project revolves around a story, and the creators have carefully developed an entire plot around the collection. It involves a distant world where the elites have chosen to replace human basketballers with robots to create a Mechanical Basketball Association. 

Since the plot is exciting, it has been drawing the attention of many fans globally. It is also a propeller for the metaverse concept. The collection has 5000 unique NFTs, and an estimated 1,400 of the total will get Level 2 perks. However, the rest will have Level 1 perks. Aside from that, there are the following perks. 

  • 450 Saffron Perks
  • 405 Star Perks
  • 225 Kobi Perks
  • 135 Glowing Ball Perks
  •  45 Scarlet Perks.

Ferrari and Velas

Formula 1 giant manufacturer Ferrari has an NFT collection for the millions of F1 fans that follow the team worldwide. The F1 industry is growing, and we’ve been enjoying some of the best racing moments in recent years. As a result, more people join the sport to watch the top drivers race one another at different circuits.

As a result, the Ferrari announcement to enter the NFT space was welcomed with much zest. Therefore, we look forward to the collection drop later in the year. The company will partner with a blockchain firm, Velas Network AG, to handle the NFT development and launch. In the multi-year deal, Velas would be the sole provider for Ferrari brand NFTs. 

The Ballman NFT Project

Athletes developing personal NFT projects are pretty common nowadays, and the publicity these kinds of projects get is always incredible since famous personalities spearhead them. The Ballman NFT project is another in the series of top athletes’ NFT projects. However, this one takes it a step further.

It is created by Stan Wawrinka, a Davis Cup winner, Olympic medalist, and 3-time Grand Slam champion. He entered the space after getting sidelined because of a foot injury. The added advantage of this project is that when you own one of the Ballman NFTs, you can participate in the NFT Open Series and enjoy rewards in the BallMan Community. 

Hockey Heroes

Hockey fans can also get in on the NFT action with this exciting collection developed on the Solana blockchain. Hockey Heroes has been growing since its drop back in February this year. The project has a supportive community and an active social media presence. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the project is doing well. 

The collection contains different packs, and each pack has 3,333 cards inside them, and in the collection, there are 111 Legends, which are rare and very valuable than other player cards. These legend cards can be exchanged for physical collectibles as it features some of the best hockey players. 

Final Thoughts

Sports NFTs are becoming the next big thing in the NFT space, and if you are looking for one place to start, you can turn your passion and support into collecting NFTs. Although you have to spend some money to buy one, you will enjoy many perks if you can find the perfect project, including a high return on investment. 


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