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Top 8 tips to win in Call Of Duty Warzone every time

Let’s be real, Call Of Duty Warzone is probably the most realistic and the most played battle royale. New players are joining Warzone every day which means the competition keeps going up and if you don’t start doing good anytime soon, other players might get ahead of you and then roll you in every game.

This game has been popular for quite a while now and still is. It’s the first battle royale COD franchise has launched and it’s going crazy. It has the biggest player base. This game is definitely worth the hype because there are so many things in this game that are fun to play with such as a variety of guns, loadout option and there is even a feature where you can customize your guns and use them in the battle royale by calling a loadout through the buying station.

Loadout will be purchased at the buy station with the in-game currency. You can get the currency by looting different areas and you get some extra cash if you kill someone. So, the more kills you get the richer you will get in the game. There are airstrikes, self revive kits and other game-changing things that can take you from losing the game to winning a game very easily.

However, there have been a lot of hackers in this game lately which is why people are switching to other battle royale games like Apex Legends. Most of the big streamers have permanently switched to Apex Legends because they couldn’t compete against hackers and it’s obvious because no one can compete against hackers.

They have aimbot, wallhacks, and other game injectors which makes it very easy for them to win. If you love Warzone, you might have to try these hacks provided by LaviCheats, and trust me no one will be able to beat you ever again. You will be getting a lot of eliminations and wins but as fun as this sounds, you might get banned for this if the COD’s anti-cheat system detects your aimbot.

warzone 2 working aimbot is probably the most used right now and surprisingly, very few hackers have been getting caught by the anti-cheat because what LaviCheats provides is something that even battleye can’t catch so if you want to give it a go, make sure to get the aimbot from LaviCheats and win some easy games.

Game devs should do something about these hackers though because it makes the gaming experience very boring for others who are trying to improve by practicing daily and playing without hacks. Sometimes, even pros can’t compete with hackers because their automatic aim targeting can not be matched by a human being. You need solid aim and very quick reflexes if you want to defeat a hacker.

Here are some tips to win in Call Of Duty War Zone and might even help you kill some hackers as well:

1. Drop fast

Getting to the ground quickly means, you will have more time to loot than other players and once you’re done looting, you will have more weapons and ammo than other players which means it’s an easy win.

However, you might not always win because if the other player is good, he might even kill you with a pistol. This game requires good aim if you want to win.

I’d suggest you use an aim trainer if you want to improve your aim. This tip will also save you from people who fire during parachute drops. Getting killed in the parachute drop situation is very easy so, be careful of that.

2. Try to kill them in the air

Like we mentioned above, parachute drop killing is very easy and you should do it every game for some easy kills and free cash. Every player you kill in the early game will only make it easier for you to win.

So, how you’re gonna do this is open the parachute and cut it instantly and when you’re in that animation you can take out your pistol and start shooting others. It’s also relatively easy to aim in the air because they will be going down in a straight direction.

3. Get a UAV

UAV allows you to spot all the nearby enemies which will allow you to get one step ahead of them. You will know their locations but, they won’t; however if they’re smart enough to get one too, then they might be a step ahead of you. So, your first purchase should always be a UAV.

4. Get your loadout

The second thing you should buy is your customized loadout. You’ll know what guns you’ll have and how to use them. You can research about this as well and see what gun’s the most overpowered right now and then customize it in your loadout.

5. Use pings

When playing squads with randoms, pings are the only way you can communicate with them unless they’re using mics. But, if they’re not, make sure to mark every enemy you see so, they’re also alerted that there might be enemies in front of you. This will give them some time to prepare for a fight.

6. Complete contracts

Contracts put a bounty on a team and if you will kill them, you will get extra gold out of them and an additional reward for completing the contract. This will allow you to buy more stuff from the but station.

7. Be aware of your shields

There are times when you don’t realize that you don’t have any shields on and this makes you vulnerable and easy to kill. It will only take a few bullets to kill. So, check your shields every 5 seconds to make sure you have them on. And if you don’t have any shields to use, you can get them from the buy station for a very cheap price.

8. Play aggressively in Gulag

An easy way to win in the gulag is to play aggressively. Most of the players you’ll see will be playing defensive because they are either scared to lose the game or they’re just not good. So, try to throw a grenade on the opposite side of where you’re going to push from. This will force the player to run on the opposite side meaning you will have a clear shot on them.

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