Top 6 LinkedIn Automation Tools to Boost Your Sales

Want to grow your business on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the preferred B2B platform that caters to the corporate audience and develops professional networks for better lead generation. A study also found that it is a more effective social media platform. However, LinkedIn automation tools and resources can interpret the lead generation process.

But what are LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn Automation Tools are software intended to imitate human behavior to perform mundane tasks for you on LinkedIn.

It can help you run personalized campaigns, collect data to help you achieve greater success from your campaigns, and integrate with other marketing tools so that you can create effective and efficient campaigns at all levels.

However, various automation tools are available online, so you need to identify which features best match your unique growth strategies.

Why you Should Consider using LinkedIn Automation Tools

Here we have listed some reasons that one must consider using LinkedIn automation tools.

  1. Personalized campaigns: Helping you run personalized campaigns and help you collect data to create better iterations of your campaigns.
  2. Save a lot of Time: LinkedIn automation tools can save you some precious time – searching leads, personalized connection messages, tracking each prospect, and more.
  3. Precise Targeting: It helps you find extremely competent leads faster.
  4. Integrate with third-party tools: If you want to create effective omni channel campaigns, you can integrate LinkedIn Automation Tools with other marketing tools available online.
  5. Tracking analytics: As you know, LinkedIn’s inherent analytics dashboard is limited, but with automation tools, you can have a better overview and can make informed decisions.

However, LinkedIn automation tools make it simple for anyone to attain business growth and professional goals on the platform.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Here we have listed the best LinkedIn automation tools that fit different niches or are good supplements of other marketing tools.


LinkedIn Automation Tools Pros/Cons Pricing



●        Simple and accessible interface

●        No technical skills required



●        The Mobile app isn’t available.

Advanced: $99 /month

Basic: $59 /month

Pro: $79 /month



Octopus CRM


●        Intuitive user interface.

●        Comprehensive resource library.



●        Need improvement in Filter function

Starter: $6.99 /month

Pro: $9.99/month

Advanced: $14.99/month

Unlimited: $24.99/month






●        Powerful automation

●        Friendly customer support

●        Easily set up drip campaigns



●        The user interface is not intuitive

Starter: Free

Professional: $11.25/month

Turbo: $41.25/month



Linked Helper 2


●        Automatically add your signature to messages

●        Build smart lead generation funnels



●        Does not support use of emojis

●        Gives trouble with contact gathering at times.

From $8.25/month to $15/month (depend on how many months you pay for at a time)




●        Auto-detects any LinkedIn warning

●        Powerful analytics dashboard.



●        Starter plan is very limited.

Essential: $29/month

Advanced: $59/month

Professional: $119/month





●        Easy to customize your target audience.

●        Advance Filters



●        Billing practices are not clean

●        Initial setup can be challenging.

Personal: $215/month

Grow: $395/month

Agency: $895/month


Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation and lead generation tool. It allows LinkedIn users to set up their sales funnel in minutes. This allows you to leave most of the work to the software. It also offers a host of other features designed to improve LinkedIn prospects and close more deals faster.

Octopus CRM

If you want to develop a strong LinkedIn network, Octopus CRM is a powerful LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to connect automation and reach your target audience. Even sending personalized messages to target profiles in your second- or third-degree networks is super easy. Besides, OctopusCRM also allows you to send mass messages to first-degree contacts.


If you are a newbie to LinkedIn marketing, Dux-Soup is one of the easiest to use automation chrome extensions that can help you automate profile visits and outreach, LinkedIn posts, skill referrals, and more.

Moreover, with it, you can even capture prospect information from profiles and transfer it to your CRM. It works only in the Chrome extension.

Linked Helper 2

Linked Helper 2 can help businesses with LinkedIn sales and social marketing. It is a Chrome-based tool and can help you find great leads in less time and money.

Once you choose an awareness campaign with Linked Helper 2, they can set up your autoresponder, so you can achieve second and third-degree connections without wasting your time.

If you’re a member of a LinkedIn group, you can collect other people’s information and start messaging them or even export your search results for even more specific targeting.


MeetAlfred is one of the best automatic lead tools that aims at end-to-end social selling campaigns. It’s affordable and can help you find the kind of profiles you’re looking for.

However, Alfred can help you connect with the right people at the right time while keeping their prices affordable. You can even send mass messages.


If you’re serious about your LinkedIn and want to connect with a business that feels the same way, give Zopto a try.

Zopto is a LinkedIn automation software that helps sales teams increase their lead generation efforts. With advanced filtering features, sales teams can find perfect clienteles based on location, job title, and industry. In addition, Zopto allows you to track the performance of your different campaigns on a live dashboard.

How to Personalize Outreach on LinkedIn?

If you want to be effective with your outreach messages on LinkedIn, you need to be strategic in your approach. Try a successful strategy and ensure high response and conversion rates for your LinkedIn campaigns; it’s personalization. Sure, it might seem like an overwhelming task, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get there.

So how do you personalize outreach on LinkedIn? It profited on advanced dynamic personalization.

It means following what everyone else is doing and just implementing the different strategies. For example, suppose a business runs LinkedIn campaigns using regular dynamic tags to personalize their campaigns like:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company Name

You have to think out of the box, and the best way to do that is to use personalized images in your outreach messages.


If you desire to generate leads and close deals effectively, LinkedIn is a powerful platform. But the tasks involved in its activities can be intimidating and time-consuming.

So, it’s important to have the right LinkedIn lead generation tool like Octopus CRM for your brand.

LinkedIn automation tools can help you master the process of attracting, nurturing, and converting leads. Various online tools can accomplish similar tasks, but you must require one that matches your comfort level and campaign goals.

So, find the best LinkedIn automation tools that maintain the balance between usability, reporting features, and customization. Once you find it, you will soon see your business growth.


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