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Top 5 Tech Trends In Health IT for 2022

  The digital healthcare market is evolving extremely fast and becoming more sophisticated. All these changes can make our life much easier and convenient, however, for some patients, it may be difficult to adjust to online healthcare services and keep abreast of the time.

It is digital technology that runs the development of healthcare. The range of evolution determinants is various. Among them are advanced devices, equipment, systems, and even procedures.

According to recent research, by 2027 healthcare services are expected to improve considerably. The medical sector will be more personalized and deliver high-quality and efficient help to those who need it. What’s more, wait-time and the pressure on the healthcare system will be also reduced.

The following years will mark the tremendous development and investments into online and offline medical services. We must be prepared for these changes and get ready to make use of them.

However, now a lot of patients are afraid to apply to digital healthcare platforms, in the future, it will be as reliable as visiting hospitals. Our team has prepared an inventory of top tech trends in the healthcare industry for 2022 and the following years. This information will be entirely beneficial for both business owners and patients as well.

If you are thinking about building a mobile healthcare app, thanks to this article you will be capable of developing a competitive and profitable product. As a patient, on the other hand, you will get to know the functions and features you can currently make use of.

1. Big data

Information is essential in any sphere and healthcare isn’t an exception. In these terms big data stands for all the data gathered with the help of advanced technologies. This information refers to the patients’ diseases history, prescribed treatment, chronic conditions, allergies, etc.

A centralized database increases the performance of hospitals and the efficiency of medical treatment. There is a range of healthcare facilities available: private clinics, public institutions, hospitals, home treatment. It is essential to have access to personalized data about the patients’ health conditions.

Moreover, databases enable accurate analysis of available information for making statistics, tendencies, and the availability of medical personnel.

  1. Digital therapeutics (DTx)

  Digital therapeutics is another crucial trend in 2022. With the help of technological advances, patients will be capable of receiving high-quality services online just in a few minutes.

It is entirely beneficial not only for the treatment of existing health issues, but also for their prevention and taking appropriate measures.

Thanks to digital therapeutics, clients will be capable of reporting on their condition and clinicians will be able to respond immediately to the patients’ complaints. Remote monitoring makes patients feel more secure. In case of emergency, they can call for professional help with a few clicks. Digital therapeutics will help both people from big cities and rural areas get equally good healthcare services. Patients living far from hospitals will also reduce the number of these time and money-consuming trips.

There are different DTx products, each delivering specific services. Some platforms are focused on particular groups of people like those suffering from diabetes or any other serious conditions. To diabetic patients, DTx helps control the insulin level and their health condition.

In terms of Covid-19, which requires two-week isolation, DTx can settle a number of issues. Digital healthcare services also offer door-to-door delivery of prescribed medicines to make patients’ lives easier.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized all spheres and will continue to do it. With the help of AI, MadAppGang team develops sophisticated mobile healthcare applications even today. Such platforms can boast of delivering a range of affordable and valuable services.

However, it isn’t the end of the story! In 2022 AI is believed to make digital healthcare even more advanced and reshape it completely.

What’s more, AI is also crucial for the development of drugs, medical equipment, and techniques. Thanks to its dominance patients will get the opportunity to undergo accurate diagnosis and proper treatment as well.

Such technologies are also capable of gathering vast amounts of data and delivering invaluable recommendations to patients. Since AI improves the quality of rendered services, it is believed to be among the most popular trends in 2022.

4. Virtual reality

Virtual reality enables a number of operations. It is entirely beneficial for surgery to ease the patients’ pain and improve the surgeons’ work. Another crucial aspect is that these technologies will make surgery operations more reliable and secure.

VR also enables efficient work management in hospitals and speeds up the patients’ recovery. Virtual reality enables the building of 3D models, which are used for body check-ups. All in all, the following year will mark the beginning of great investments in VR technologies for the healthcare boost.

5. Wearables and healthcare trackers

Now wearables are quite popular among people of all ages and statuses. There are luxurious ones with advanced functionality and more simple devices with some basic features. Both these kinds are affordable which makes them so appealing.

In terms of healthcare, wearables are essential for tracking the patients’ blood pressure, heartbeat, stress level, and daily activity. Being integrated with mobile apps, they transmit all data to online platforms. This information is stored and delivered to users in the form of diagrams and statistics.

What’re more, wearables and other healthcare trackers can warn a person about dangerous conditions and health threats. In such a way it also makes people more informed and helps them take control over their lives.

Final thoughts

  Anyway, technological advances will influence the healthcare industry. Consequently, patients will get high-quality services at a reduced wait time and cost. If you think about developing a digital healthcare platform, you should take into account the information mentioned in this article. The only way to set up a competitive and profitable business is to meet the requirements of clients and offer unique features. Patients, on the other hand, should trust all these technological advances and make use of them. Such cooperation can increase the quality of our life and make them much longer.


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