Top 15 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamblers In 2021

If you are interested in this article, then there is probably a gambling person among your loved ones who loves to spend time in gambling establishments. What would be the best Christmas gifts for casino lovers? This article will tell you about this, which contains examples of how you can make such a person happy.

A special thanks to Tiffany Cutting of the Slotsspot web project for providing interesting and useful information for our readers. For your convenience, under the description of each gift, she indicated a unique product identifier, by which you can find these gifts for gamblers on the site of Amazon.

This year has not been an easy one for casino owners and players, many of whom have had to temporarily close. Let the Christmas holiday give them a little bit of optimism. And this will help the gamble gifts that are offered to be purchased. Our Top 15 contains everything to please both an experienced high roller and a beginner in gambling. Merry Christmas to you!

15. Drop-shaped earrings in the form of a playing card

This is one of the best gambling gifts for women who are into gambling. Each set is in a beautiful gift box, and it will be extremely pleasant to receive it.

Amazon ASIN: B002DI3QJO

For whom: woman

14. Casino Watch

Various objects related to gambling are beautifully depicted on this watch. These are not just other casino gift ideas that have no practical application. When a person sits at a card table, spins a reel or activates options in a virtual gambling game, he just needs to keep track of the time. It is not only aesthetic, but also a practical gift.

Amazon ASIN: B0811TB5K7

For whom: woman

13. Pendant slot

A necklace with the symbols of the 777 slot will delight a real lady who appreciates aristocracy in gambling first of all. These kinds of gambling gifts will be great accessories for your weekend outfits.

Amazon ASIN: B091J1K5CX

For whom: woman

12. Poker socks

Showcasing a unique design with a fair amount of humor, this product will appeal to a man who appreciates excitement and knows how to understand jokes. Such a gift for gambler will become an important component of clothing for a visit to a real casino.


For whom: man

11. Poker cufflinks

Cufflinks have always been considered an attribute of a man who knows how to dress elegantly, tastefully. They are also some of the most popular gift ideas for gamblers. And poker cufflinks will not only create a positive image of the gambler, but also make him more respectable from the point of view of the casino owner.


For whom: man

10. Peak pendant

Men also appreciate beautiful necklaces. One of these products, which is most suitable for gamblers, is the ace of spades pendant. The unusual design will make the owner of such a piece of jewelry stand out from the rest of the players.This pendant will probably be one of the most elegant among other gambling gifts for him.

Amazon ASIN: B08L9QG44Z

For whom: man

9. Kit for playing poker

You can play gambling card games not only in gambling houses. This set contains everything you need to enjoy playing cards for money or for free. This is a great way to have a fun and exciting time at a friendly party. This is probably one of the best casino themed gifts.

Amazon ASIN: B082N5WYYC

For whom: everyone

8. Poker table on the road

This is the best gift for those who like to travel and play cards at the same time. Despite its rather large dimensions (48X48 inches), this table is surprisingly compact. It has a built-in slot for poker chips and a glass holder. The set includes a bag, chips, poker cards, and a device for the visually impaired and blind. Actually, these are the most popular gifts for gamblers. Let’s just say it’s a great gift for a big company of friends.

Amazon ASIN: B000Q76SC6

For whom: everyone

7. Dart board

This sophisticated electronic device offers 34 darts options. It is also possible to count winning points using this device in different ways – in total, more than 180 ways of counting are offered. The game has a handicap. Up to 8 people can play such darts. These are definitely funny gifts for gamblers among other presents.

Amazon ASIN: B00PHEP6Z8

For whom: everyone

6. Roulette with alcohol

The combination of excitement with the pleasure of drinking is sometimes what we really need. Place a glass of alcohol on the line and start the game. There may be several glasses for each participant in the game – this is determined only by how many participants are in the game. Otherwise, everything happens according to the rules of a regular roulette. The game will end when all the glasses have been consumed. Many people will like such an unusual feast in combination with gambling. Such a set is simply irreplaceable at a party of old friends that love funny gambling gifts.

Amazon ASIN: B00D4AI1NQ

For whom: everyone

5. Alcohol Darts

This is another combination of a fun drinking game. A successful roll is rewarded with booze. The set includes a board with instructions, a metal stand, four cups and the same number of darts. Such gifts for gamblers – a great way to dispel boredom when there is nothing to do.

Amazon ASIN: B003VZV7VC

For whom: everyone

4. Bingo

This sleek set is a miniature gambling establishment. Despite its compactness, the gift is quite suitable for many real-life gambling games. Due to its small size, the desktop casino set can be taken with you everywhere, including on long journeys.

Amazon ASIN: B000HWW3F6

For whom: everyone

3. Slot and coin bank

This miniature slot will help you bring some excitement to life. All the details in it are real and work as expected. There are also lighting and melodies that accompany the operation of conventional slot machines. The device is good because it is almost universal and accepts monetary units of many countries. The original design solution of this mini-vending machine will help to decorate any residential or office space. Who knows, maybe this gift will bring good luck for those who play free slots online or other casino games.

Amazon ASIN: B07R3MZRM1

For whom: everyone

2. The Gambler Collection DVD

This is a selection of films where the main characters are gamblers. Fascinating stories with intense passion, incredible adventures and dramas with touching relationships between characters – all this awaits the one who receives such a gift.

Amazon ASIN: B00GM5U80Y

For whom: everyone

1. A book about thinking when playing poker

In this gambling card game, unlike many others, luck is not the main component of success. Thinking plays a big role, and a book written by professional card player Jared Tendler will help you learn to think like a real poker shark. This book has everything from game strategies to methods of managing your own emotions and influencing the emotional state of opponents. For some, this gift will help them get rich.

Amazon ASIN: 978-0615436135

For whom: everyone


Any gifts for gamblers are an emotion. It is not enough to simply convey something to a person. You need to give him something that will cause pleasant emotions. Therefore, we spend hours walking around the shops, flipping through Internet pages – we just want to find a gift that will definitely suit this person. This is how the personalization of the gift manifests itself first. We select something personal, showing the addressee a sincere desire to please him. This is especially true for gamblers who value their individuality.

Agree, it’s always great to get not just a standard souvenir, but one that reflects the donor’s attention to your person. This means that he listens to you, remembers the details. Which, in turn, speaks of respect and generally good attitude. The value of a gift is not expressed in money. This is expressed in emotions! We’ve already thought about the importance of personalizing a gift. But these are just thoughts, but how to do it in practice? There are several easy ways.

Individual packaging is an opportunity to be creative. You can put a gift in a box, wrap it with beautiful paper, and decorate with ribbons. In this case, you can be inspired by the addressee’s hobbies (in this case, gambling). Matching prints and stickers will be an interesting solution.

A separate type of congratulations is personal cards with gifts for casino lovers. The beauty of them is that you can write whatever you want. If you have enough imagination, prepare a verse wishing good luck to the gambler. If not, then just a sincere congratulation in prose will be enough.

Finally, there is another interesting option – surprise boxes. They look very impressive and will definitely surprise. And most importantly, you can choose an individual option based on the addressee’s hobbies.

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