Things to Know About Commercial and Agricultural Security Fencing

Each commercial property and its premises require a different form of security. Thus, when choosing the method to secure your property, it is essential to consider the specific requirements before evaluating available options. For example, commercial property in an urban location will need another form of security that differs from the needs of agricultural property in a rural area.

Since there are differences in these types of real estate, you should know the specific requirements of each type.

Security fencing for a commercial property

Businesses occupying large premises should have the correct type of security fencing. Several outside forces warrant the construction of security fences. There are vandals, thieves, looters, and natural disasters, like floods.

  • Chainlink fencing. It is the most cost-effective among the choices. The price is lower because the manufacturing process is simpler, and the installation is easier. Likewise, the maintenance requirement is low, so you save on costs and labour. But its security capability is lower because the chainlink fence is easy to cut.
  • Welded mesh fencing. This is a more solid chainlink fencing material, with the links welded together, giving it more durability. They are rigid and more difficult to maintain than chainlink fences. However, it is harder to breach welded mesh fencing. You can get in touch with Fencing Contractors Leicester to know more about commercial property security fencing, the choices available, and the other options the company offers.
  • Steel palisades. Palisades are excellent when you need maximum security. Most palisade fencing has sharp pointed ends, preventing people from climbing over them. Depending on the gap between the bars, they can provide more privacy to the property. But of course, palisades are the most expensive, but they can offer better protection.

Security fencing for agricultural properties

For agricultural properties, the requirements seem simpler when securing industrial and commercial properties, but you still need to consider your options carefully. You can get professional help from experts in security fencing for commercial and agricultural properties like those from

  • Timber fencing. This is the traditional choice because timber is durable. Moreover, repairing them is easier. The requirement varies depending on the animals.
  • Plain wire. This type of fencing is cheaper, and the installation is easier. For durability, you can use galvanised wire or high tensile wire. However, there is an additional cost, as you will need more posts to ensure that you can deter the animals within.
  • Barbed wire.  While barbed wire is inexpensive and quick to install, the barbed parts of the wire act as a deterrent to the animals, so you reduce the frequency of repairs compared to plain wire. However, barbed wire fencing can cause problems for animals with longer hair, which can become entangled with the barbed parts. In addition, these parts are sharp, so they could injure the animals or cause damage to the fence as they wrestle to free themselves.

Finding a trusted security fence contractor is best if you need these fences. You will get the right kind of service, avail of their expertise, and get your money’s worth.



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