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The most beautiful churches in Buenos Aires that you cannot miss

Without a doubt, Buenos Aires is a city that is one of a kind. The mixture of cultures and ethnicities and the distribution of the different neighborhoods give this unique place a very mystic and enchanting atmosphere.

To get there, you have to travel to one country located in the South corner of the world: Argentina. Argentina is well known for its culinary life, soccer players, and musical references. But, if you dare, there is so much more to experience.

Buenos Aires is the capital city, home of the main economic and cultural activities, and located at the verge of the Rio de la Plata. It is a prosperous city, filled with historical landmarks and architectural marvels.

The language spoken in Argentina is Spanish. If you want to take the traveling experience even further, you can take a Spanish course in Buenos Aires and learn the basic skills of this beautiful language. Visit the Spanish Language School Buenos Aires for more information.

One of the essential parts of the local’s life is their religious faith. Argentineans are Catholic due to their Spanish and Italian heritage, and the city is full of marvelous cathedrals and churches from centuries ago.

For tourists, visiting a church is a fantastic way to get to know the culture of the locals while also getting the chance to admire the architectural designs of the buildings. Here is a list of the most beautiful churches in Buenos Aires that you cannot miss.

Maria Auxiliadora and San Carlos Borromeo Basilica

Located in the quarter of Almagro, this basilica was built at the beginning of the 1900s. In this church’s choir, the most famous tango singer in the world, Carlos Gardel, performed.

While from the outside, this church may seem like all others from the outside, once inside, you will see why it is so special. The European gothic style influences the ornaments and structure, and the light that comes from the many windows is quite uncanny.

Our Lady of Pilar Basilica

The most beautiful churches in Buenos Aires that you cannot miss

This church is the best typical Colonial church in the city. The main characteristic of this particular style is its simplicity, and this one is very well preserved. It is located in the quarter of Recoleta. After visiting the Basilica, you can also enter the legendary cemetery just around the corner. The main aristocratic characters of the city are resting there, and the tombs are worth seeing.

Holy Sacrament Basilica

This basilica was built by one of the most famous aristocratic ladies of Buenos Aires, Maria Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena. It is located in Retiro, and it was built in 1914. The style of the building and ornaments is quite eclectic: a mixture of Gothic, Romanic, Byzantine, and Renaissance elements.

The main attraction of this basilica is the organ. This unique instrument was built by the same constructor that built the one in Paris’ Notre Dame. It is the best organ in the country.

Saint Ignacio Church

This church was built in 1822, and it is the oldest building in the city. Even though it was partially destroyed, it has been preserved and rebuilt. The beautiful altar is made of wood, and if you see inside this church, you will immediately be transported to another century.

Buenos Aires Cathedral

This is the most crucial Cathedral in the city, and it is located next to Plaza de Mayo. The façade looks almost like a Roman temple, but inside you will get to see plenty of Catholic representations in paintings and sculptures. The main attraction of the Cathedral is the tomb of General San Martin, regional hero and liberator of Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

You can visit the city’s official website for information regarding free tours and visits to these religious buildings. You may even be able to assist a typical Catholic mass and understand more about the importance of religion in the life and culture of the locals.

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Some people say that it is difficult and hard to learn, especially for native English speakers, since the grammatical structure and syntax can be more complex. This is certainly not the case if you have the proper guidance.

Expanish is an international Spanish school that provides language services for all students. Their programs are specifically designed according to any need you may have. The choice is yours, and you will indeed find a course that suits you best.

You can either take a group course or an individual course. The former is recommended for people who thrive with others and wish to get to know people to enrichen their experience. Individual courses are better for students who prefer personalized lessons according to their needs and at their own pace.

Either way, you will surely meet a diverse group of people from all over the world who has the same goals as you. You will share beautiful memories and experiences while living like a local in Buenos Aires.

Expanish School has a staff of teachers and other professionals ready to assist you every step of the way. They can even help you find the perfect accommodation during your stay.

To start the process, you must take a free Spanish test to level your knowledge to start the process. This way, the teachers at the school will be able to identify what you need to learn in order to achieve your language goals.

Learning Spanish will widen your cultural horizons and can also be beneficial in terms of professional career development. You never know where your next opportunity awaits.

Do not forget to check the site for reviews of former students to get a sense of the experience. You can also visit the social media hashtags and contact Expanish School for more information.

Are you ready for your next adventure? Visit Buenos Aires and learn Spanish.




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