The Money Issue: 11 Part-time Jobs for Students.

Having a job while in college will help you make some extra money to cover some bills and lead a normal life. The stress that comes from money worries might also negatively affect your academics. An excellent part-time job helps you stay worry-free and enables you to develop sound business acumen. Before you set out on a quest to find a part-time job, you need to check whether you can work as a student in the country you are in. Most countries have limitations on the number of hours you can work while others do not allow you to work at all.

How to get a job as a student in Illinois

If you are allowed to work, you can browse for jobs the old-fashioned way. You can drop your CV to potential employers. This might be time-consuming, but it shows a lot of initiative, dedication, and passion, thus giving you a higher chance of landing the job. You can also browse popular job boards and websites like Indeed or Monster. Other avenues to explore include speaking to the school’s career services and enlisting yourself in job agencies. So with that said, what are the common part-time choices for Illinois students?

1. Babysitting

A babysitting role can be fun and flexible. Most of them are also well-paying. It can be an outstanding experience for students who specialize in social services, teaching, or healthcare. You can get nannying jobs through agencies such as AbsoluteBestCare. You can also directly apply for these jobs, but you need to go through rigorous screening, pass background checks and provide references.

2. Pet sitting

This is one of the fun ways to earn some extra cash while in college. In most European countries, this is a popular job. There are sites such as Rover that make it possible for a client and a pet sitter to meet. In these jobs, you can earn anywhere between $10 to $25 an hour. These jobs are most common in the UK, Spain, and France.

3. Data entry

This is another excellent way of earning some extra cash. You will have to key in and update data to a company’s needs. It is an outstanding job for Illinois students as you can maintain a flexible schedule and efficiently juggle between work and school. You can also work from anywhere you want. If you feel bogged down by the workload at school, you can use reliable essay writers from  to help you finish your papers online on time.

4. Transcription

Transcription is about listening to audio and video recordings and typing what you hear verbatim. There are different forms of files that you can use, such as for market research, medicine, calls, and meetings. For general transcription, no experience is required. You will need to pass tests from transcription websites before setting out on the tasks. Other specialized areas of transcription, such as law and medicine, need some training. On average, transcription jobs pay around $16 per hour.

5. Security

This is another good work option. It might involve working in a bar, restaurant, or other establishments. Sometimes you might need a license to operate as security. Sometimes, concerts, sports centers, and festivals need help in managing and directing crowds. Most of the universities in the US offer crowd management training, which can give you an upper hand when applying to security jobs. Some apartment buildings also have nighttime guards. You should, however, not overwork and affect your schedule. A poor sleeping pattern will undoubtedly affect your studies.

6. Restaurants and pubs

This is an ideal job for full-time Illinois students as it will not get in the way of your lectures. It is a friendly and fun way of meeting many people who are often students.  You can work mainly in the evenings and on weekends. Working in restaurants and pubs also has a good chance for earning tips, and depending on how busy a shift is, you can take up to $80 in tips.

7. Tutoring

You can make good use of your academic skills by venturing into tutoring. With apps like Zoom, you can now work remotely with people from virtually any part of the world. You can teach Maths, Science or Languages and earn up to $20 hourly. You need to sign up on online tutoring platforms and get your presence noticed.

8. Retail

With the rapid boom of the retail industry, there are many supply chains available. Many store assistant positions pay an average of $15 an hour, but you can earn up to $20 an hour depending on your responsibilities and employer. It is a perfect job as you can work a ten-hour shift and have a significant amount of extra cash. You can cover your daily expenses, eat good food, and have enough money to have fun after completing your exam sessions.

9. Copywriting

There are many freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork that offer thousands of copywriting jobs daily. It is a perfect option for English students, journalists, and bloggers. Working on these platforms allows you to earn an average of $20 per hour. The more specialized your skills are, the higher your pay will be.

10. Food delivery

Many courier jobs are using Uber and other platforms like Deliveroo. Students in the US especially in Illinois are earning up to $200 a week doing delivery jobs. Some of these companies have controversies concerning their work policies, but some offer flexible schedules for students, helping them pay their way through college.

11. Student support

Some universities offer the opportunity for students to do administrative support work. This kind of work is well paid and stress-free. It also helps you build many networks that will immensely assist you in pursuing a career in academia after graduation.

Working and studying in Illinois will help one hone some essential life skills. It is a humbling and gratifying experience. It provides excellent memories and solidifies respect for all the people in similar positions or who work in establishments you did. As you are working, be careful not to overwork till it affects your studies.

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