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The Decentralised Digital Ledger: A Blockchain’s Applications to Business

If you’re a business owner, likely, you’ve already experienced doing a ton of work while serving thousands or millions of clients, and yet you end up with a few dollars in your bank account. You don’t have to worry too much about it as it’s completely normal to experience those things as there’s a popular saying that you need to spend money for you to make money.

Although many people consider it to be true, it’s certain that there may be times that you wondered if the success of your business could be more affordable than its current situation. But can you imagine if you can speed up your business, eliminate almost all of your mistakes, and remove expensive middlemen? You might be surprised that those things are actually possible, and it can all be done when you utilise blockchain in your business; it can make your business run smoother and more efficiently with blockchain technology.

What Is Blockchain And How It Works

Fully understanding what a blockchain is can be a daunting task as not everyone can comprehend its complexity on how it works. But to put it in simple terms, blockchain is a type of digital ledger which is continuously updated and holds crucial information of all crypto-related transactions, which includes the date, time, value, and the participants involved in the transaction. All information stored in the block is encrypted, and it’s also linked or added to the previous block of information, forming a chain to what we now call the blockchain.

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Furthermore, blockchain is decentralised, meaning there’s no single central authority overlooking or controlling the system, which is one of the main reasons why crypto and its blockchain technology appeals to numerous investors and why it’s so fascinating. Everyone in the blockchain’s system has the same access to the same information stored in it, providing complete transparency with continuous reconciliation.

Because of how blockchain exists in many computers, they were hacking or tampering with information on the blocks is relatively hard to do as there’s no centralised information for hackers to hack into. With that in mind, crypto-related transactions wouldn’t need any type of third-party entity to verify the information in the transactions and its participants.

What Does It Mean for Entrepreneurs?

In 2021, there are already many major corporations that are investing in crypto, especially in its blockchain technology, which includes IBM, Toyota, Unilever, and Microsoft. But if you’re an entrepreneur that doesn’t have a large corporation, you don’t need to worry, as all types of companies can be affected by blockchain’s benefits in the future. So if you’re in a business that involves any kind of verifying transactions, you could investigate and see how blockchain impacts your company.

How Blockchain Make Payments and Track Goods

When it comes to the logistics of the supply chain, the utilisation of both blockchain, smart contracts, and the Internet Of Things will allow companies to make payments and track the shipments when certain conditions are met. Take Maersk, for instance, it’s one of the world’s biggest shipping companies, and they have begun testing blockchain’s potential to track its cargo in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to send their cargo full of goods.

Furthermore, smaller companies could also put blockchain technology to good use. Imagine a store where its inventories are getting low; with the help of blockchain, smart containers that hold the goods can be utilised or programmed to inform the wholesaler that the store needs to restock their goods. Afterwhich the wholesaler would immediately notify a transport company to pick up the goods they need and deliver them to the store. With that in mind, there would be no middleman involved as all of the transactions and payments made are verified and recorded in the digital ledger called a blockchain.

The Verdict

Ultimately, blockchain technology offers businesses beneficial advantages such as reduced costs, increased security, convenience, and, most of all, transparency. However, blockchain can be utilized and integrated into your business in more ways than you think. You can use the technology to securely sign contracts, pay employees, reduce transaction times, and easily communicate with your supply chain. In addition to that, you should always do your own research.


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