The Average Cost for Carpet Removal (And How To Calculate)

A new carpet is a wonderful thing. It feels so great on your feet and even smells new and clean. The big question though is if you’re ready to do your own carpet removal or if you prefer to get the professionals to do it for you. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to get a quote so at least you know the details of both options.

Average Costs for Carpet Removal

When it comes to removing carpet, one of your first considerations could cost. Essentially, the 2 main components are as follows:

  • The average cost per square foot is $0.11 to $0.56
  • Minimum removal charges may apply

Most home building websites will quote you the range of $0.11 to $0.56 per square foot, or $1 to $1 per square yard. To make things easier for you, Fixr quotes a national average of $120 to $300 to remove the carpet. It’s worth noting though that some companies might charge you a minimum fee for removing the carpet.

Variables that Impact Carpet Removal costs

The easiest way to get the cots for it is to get a few quotes from some local companies. Having said that, there are some online calculators that will give you an idea of the cost to remove the carpet for your specific area. As you can imagine though, the following factors will add complexity to your calculations which are why specific quotes are very helpful before you decide on how to get rid of your old carpet:

  • Room size and shape
  • Stairs
  • Preparation
  • Post removal

Room size and shape

Carpet removal isn’t complex but it can be tough and back-breaking. First, you have to use a pry bar to pick up the corners and then pull the carpet back by hard. Then again, don’t underestimate the grip those tack strips have on the carpet. Moreover, you’ll have to deal with removing all the staples that ensure the padding under the carpet is held down properly. All of this work is more awkward if you have a weirdly shaped room. On top of that, you basically do it twice. Once to remove the carpet and then to remove the carpet padding. Finally, you’ll also have to do it slowly and carefully if you have hardwood floors that you don’t want to damage.

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Naturally, stairs add another dimension to the operation. It makes the carpet that much harder to pull back. Having said that, some experts advise you to use a utility knife to cut down the length of each step, making it easier to pull back the carpet from the centerline.


As you might expect, when paying for removal, you’re also paying for the room to be prepared both before and after the job is finished. Before you can start the process, the furniture clearly has to be pulled back. The team will also have to clear some space for the old carpet whilst covering everything to protect it from dust and general debris.

Post carpet removal

Pulling carpet from stairs or a room, then rolling it up to be carried down and out of the house to be disposed of, is laborious. Afterward, you have to make sure that the room is cleaned properly and that your hardwood floor isn’t damaged. That could involve specialist cleaning materials, especially if there are major stains or moldy patches.

DIY versus Professional Carpet Removal

Now that you have an idea of what you’re paying for when it comes to removing carpet and getting it ready for a new one, let’s consider the differences between DIY and calling the professionals:

  • Effort and time
  • Equipment
  • Risk management

Effort and Time

As mentioned, it takes time, effort, and a lot of elbow grease. Not everyone is physically capable of it, especially if you’re doing the whole house with stairs. Sometimes it’s nice when the experts do it for you. They’re also used to doing these things day in and day out, so they know how to avoid damaging anything else in your house. Moreover, they’ll be able to dispose of your carpet and carpet pad easily and in an eco-friendly manner.


If you do decide to go for DIY then you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment. A pry bar and utility knife are the obvious ones to use as well as a floor scraper to clean everything afterward. Although, don’t underestimate the need for safety gear. That includes a dust mask, gloves, safety glasses, and knee pads. Yes, it’s tough to work especially when you get to the floor scraper part.

Risk management

In some cases, you might have to deal with asbestos issues or even rotting floors. That’s when things get more complex and you’ll be glad to have the experts advise you on how to deal with those scenarios.  Furthermore, in some cases, you can actually save your tack strip but sometimes, only the experts would be able to know that.

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Key Takeaways for Costing Carpet Removal

Getting a new carpet is exciting and we all enjoy trying DIY every now and again. If this isn’t your expertise or if it’s your first time though, then first gauge your physical capabilities. Also, how much do you value your time? After all, if you’re doing it yourself then you’re only saving on labor costs, essentially. Then again, are you happy to use up your time to cut the carpet, pull it back, prise out tack strips, and scrape floors? If that sounds like a fun job then, go for it. If not, the experts are only a phone call away.

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