The Absolute Best Type Of Bongs In 2021

All seasoned smokers know that not all bongs are made equal. There is a multitude of bongs available on the market, each with unique features that provide drastically different smoking experiences. For those who are new to smoking, the sheer mass of different bong styles can be overwhelming.

The truth is that there is no universally agreed upon “best” bong. Choosing a bong style comes down to personal preferences. Some people want a durable bong that won’t break, while others prefer a bong with visually striking aesthetics. For those who are dipping their toes into the smoking world, this list will cover the absolute best types of bongs in 2021. With this list, users will be able to make an educated decision on what type of bong is right for them.

Cheap Bongs That Won’t Break the Bank

The Absolute Best Type Of Bongs In 2021

Those new to smoking often prefer to start with something cheaper. While some find the prospect of buying a cheap bong concerning, there is no need to be alarmed. Cheap bongs does not necessarily mean that the bong will be low-quality. In fact, there are a wide variety of fantastic bongs available for less than 50 dollars.

A Classic Glass Bong

For as long as bongs have been around, glass has been the standard material used with bongs. Glass bongs are usually made with borsilicate glass, which is sturdy and durable. Glass can be cleaned easily with cleaner solution and the transparency of the glass can make it easy to monitor how much smoke is being pulled into the lower chamber.

Portable Mini Bongs

The Absolute Best Type Of Bongs In 2021

The need for small water pipes is at an all-time high, no pun intended. Users often find themselves at a crossroads with the type of bong wanted. However, small bongs have recently become very popular because of the many available options now. Not too big from a bubbler type pipe, and has water percolation for a cooler smoking experience. However, the downside is that they are often large and bulky. Bubbler bongs offer the compact portability of a hand pipe and combine it with the percolation of a water bong.

Bubbler bongs are small handheld pipes that have a water chamber located in it. With a bubbler, users can enjoy smoother filtrated hits with the convenience that comes with a compact pipe.

Cool Bongs

If your after a really nice looking bong, chances are your going to find one you like available on our online smoke shop. These are offbeat bongs with unique aesthetic themes or innovative features that make them stand out from the standard bong.

Cute Bongs

For those who like their bongs with a little less edge and a little more personality, cute bongs provide some levity to the smoking experience. People all over the world love cute bongs for their ability to allow users to express themselves through their smoking tools. So many bongs these days sport a generic galaxy print or a pot leaf decal. In contrast, cute bongs are a breath of fresh air, embodying an alternative aesthetic that breaks from the usual stylistic trappings of stoner culture.

Recycler Bongs For Supreme Filtration

While most bongs provide percolation, Recycler bongs take it to the next level. Recycler bongs are standard glass bongs that have fixed chambers designed into it. These chambers are interconnected, creating a path for the smoke to travel through. But what sets this apart from other guided paths is that recycler bongs pull the water through the chambers as well. The water then retreats to the lower chamber, effectively “recycling” it.

Water Bongs

Is there anything more classic than a water bong? One could make the argument that all bongs technically qualify as water bongs, but a truly great “water bong” needs to have a big lower chamber. This chamber will hold an ample amount of both water and smoke, allowing users to take massive rips.

The conceit behind water bongs started with the desire to percolate the smoke. Often hand pipes hit hard and send people into coughing fits. With a water bong, the smoke will disperse over the water, cooling it down and allowing for smoother hits.

Pokemon Bongs

Gotta catch em’ all! Pokemon is inarguably the most popular franchise worldwide, so it makes sense that the cannabis industry has capitalized on this. A quick search on Etsy will reveal a massive amount of Pokemon balls with fun designs like a Poké Ball-shaped lower chamber or a Charizard fixed inside a dab rig.

These bongs are a fun way for users to express their enthusiasm for the legendary franchise.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs date back to the pre-’60s era, and are known for their durability. They are easy to clean and can absorb and dissipate heat easily, further percolating smoke.

Crystal Bongs

Promote positive energy and bring about a sense of mental balance with Cyrstal Bongs! The industry has recently exploded with a variety of bongs that use crystals in their design, whether in the form of percolators, outside atattchements, or simply bongs that are one giant crystal. Users can find bongs made with everything from amethyst to quartz.

Glow in the Dark Bongs

Halloween is right around the corner, which is the perfect night to bring out a glow in the dark bong. Browse through our options and prepare for some really cool options.

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