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Shedding Some Light On An Autoplay Feature In Online Slots

Undoubtedly fascinating and simple feature which can be met almost in every online slot, and sometimes in other online table games like roulette, is an Autoplay one. One of its perks is that you don’t need to constantly press the “Spin” button over and over, although that’s supposed to be one of the charms of online slots. Despite its certain pros, there may exist some contras to enabling an Autoplay on a slot machine game. For instance, one of its downsides is that whether you’re on a slide, you should be ready that the game will quickly burn out your balance. So, what are the other advantages and disadvantages of this popular feature? Let’s shed some light on them for you not to be confused not a minute more.

How an Autoplay Feature Works?

Nowadays, well-night all online slots come up with an Autoplay feature, so you don’t have to work hard to find such one in online casinos. So, how does this one work? Once you activate it, the slot machine will continue to rotate, showing you the results, and then moving on to the next rotation cycle. Basically, this is a completely automatic way of operating a slot machine. Normally, you can start by simply pressing the “Autoplay” button, which is usually located on the right side of the main screen.

To take advantage of this feature, you must first configure exactly how you want it to work. Well, not every machine will give you the same options, but there are some common ones that you can expect to see most of the time.

First and foremost, of course, you have to adjust how many turns you want to make automatically before you start. In fact, you will need to cover all aspects of your rotation: how much you want to play, how many paylines you want to play, and so on.

You will also be able to program your game a bit to protect yourself in a few different situations. If you ever win or lose more than a certain amount, you can ask to stop the game. Of course, setting a loss limit saves you from having to blow up your entire bank roll with extreme misfortune, but a winning stop can also be important: nothing is more frustrating than seeing yourself to win something big. That’s pretty all. When you are happy to cash out your win, leave it at that.

There are other reasons why an Autoplay should be suspended. Some slot machines provide bonus features that require yourdirect input. These rounds cannot be automated, so you will need to make a selection to continue. And every time, you still have the right to stop this process whenever you want – after all, this is your money, so you always have the control over them.

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Why Should You Use an Autoplay?

Whether you want to use an Auto playor not, it mainly depends on why you’re playing and what your aims are while playing online slots. Therefore, let’s take a look at the reasons why this might be the best option for you.

If you are trying to quickly clear the reward, then it presents the undeniable motivation to use it. On a regular basis, prizes are “opening only”, which means you are limited in your decisions throughout of the game, and you need to make immediate betting actions. All things considered, there can be no faster and funnier way to play that use an auto-spin element in your game. In addition, you can automatize this cycle to get the free play rewards, for which you really want to play fast, keeping in mind that additional subsidies will expire in an hour or less. As you may see, it’s extremely easy to do.

In situation when you see a large progressive jackpot and you need to have the clearest chance of winning the prize, choosing an Autoplay will be another good decision to make. Why is that? An Autoplay will schedule your turn, giving you the best chance of winning a prize before anyone else.

Last but not least, an Autoplay feature allows you to successfully perform urgent tasks and activities without constantly tapping the “Spin” button, in case you are answering on some important email or heaving a deadline.

Autoplay Limits

It will be fair to say that almost every online slot game with an Autoplay feature has a limit of auto-spins, which can be great when your money balance decreases and you want to slow down the game a little bit. Plenty of the slots are set to have between 10 and 25 auto-spins, but sometimes you may find that some of them will allow up to 100 spins on Autoplay mode. Moreover, you can always cease the auto-spin feature when it is enough for you and your budget as well.

Some Disadvantages of an Autoplay

Some newbie players can lose the fascinating details of the slots as well, like bonus features, great animations and messages with information about winnings which turn up from time to time on the screen, when choosing to play with Autoplay mode.

Whether you want to implement any different than previous strategy and thus change your bets on the way, using an Autoplay may be not such a good idea. Mainly because it can lower your balance, as these automatic rotations cannot be completely free. If you are not the one who makes spinning manually, you can easily lose sight of this aspect and ultimately lose a greater sum than you intended during the playing process.

Benefits of Using an Autoplay

Unlike a free online roulette, you rarely, if ever, desire to change your bets on slot machines. There is almost no way to do this in slots unless you bet on every spin, which some players consider a good slot game strategy.

Moreover, you can theoretically run an Autoplay on a multiple slot machine games at the same time which is really cool and convenient practice if you want to win more.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the Autoplay feature is a great option, in case you want to win some money with minimum effort and input on the game as well. Yes, this slots’ option has its own restrictions and limits, however, it is convenient if you want provoke some additional features such as bonus ones and to make some easy profit by speeding up the game a little bit. So, be brave and give it a try!

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