Seeking Older Men: 10 Older Man Younger Woman Dating Sites

If you have ever dated a younger woman or older man, then you can tell by experience that such a relationship brings in more maturity and sophistication to the table. Such relationships are not just serious, but are also laid on a solid foundation with serious commitment.

The charisma and enthusiasm of dating an older man often complements a younger woman, giving a very unique an fruitful dating experience. But how can find such a relationship? The answer is younger woman older man dating sites. While most people have a view about dating sites that individuals are just there for an ego boost, looking for a partner with no strings attached or simply a fairytale ending. However, this isn’t really the case.

These relationships are relatively much more established, straightforward and stable. If you are ready to take a dive into it and are a women looking for older men or vice versa, you have landed at the right place because we have brought some of the best dating sites for you, where you can easily find older men dating younger women.

10 Best Younger Women Older Men Dating Sites & Apps

  1. – Great For Dating An Older Man In Your 20s

As obvious as it gets by the website’s name, this one is designed for all the sugar babies and daddies to connect with each other. As more people get in to the whole practice of older men dating younger women, the singles look for these older men for getting financial security while the older gentlemen enter the relationship with a hope to get a chance with the youth. The competition on meeting sugar daddies may get super serious and fierce, as there are a lot more sugar babies registered here compared to the number of sugar daddies. To top it off, you may only register on this website if you qualify as a member of the world’s top 20 richest countries. There are very sophisticated search facilities on the site launched in 2007. Their owners, the is especially popular in the USA and the site welcomes more sugar babies and daddies to join in their pool.

  1. – Best Older Men Dating Site

This one claims to be as one of the largest date sites for young people, where women who like older men can easily connect with them. You will easily find good looking older men here. Talking about the working dynamic of the site, it is an ideal place to find age gap relationship. As opposed to others, aims to connect those who are looking for a serious relationship instead of just a casual fling. They also have over a million members which is an impressive number of memberships. However, if you are a teenage girl and not looking for older guys, then this isn’t the right place for you.

  1.– Best For Young Black Girl Dating Older White Man

This is an online dating site established in the year 2001 with the aim to connct people outside of their own ethnicity. There is also a mobile app for this website, with a 3.8/5 star rating given by around 200 users on the Google Play Store. There are around over 2 million members registered on the service and can also be observed by the matches found in the search results for any query. Being one of the oldest dating service providing interracial dating facilitation on the internet right now, one can be very sure of the experience provided by them during the process of your search for a potential match. The dating community is also very active on its forum, encouraging people to not just look for their matches but also develops friendships amongst members. Elements like video sharing, Hot topic debate, dating tips, providing interactive ways to engage with other members is all present on this platform.


This one is a one of its kind dating website. It is marketed as a place to explore extramarital relationships, but the target audience and most members are married individuals. It is a platform where married individuals meet each other, though not necessarily in just a romantic capacity but that might be geared in later. People who are married get a way out to have sex, with maybe a young lady or college girls or young female looking for older male can also be benefited by the service. The website claims that the process of meeting and coming in to a relationship is executed very discreetly. The website ensures to take all measures they can to make the activities of its users as private as it can, and take pride in providing utmost privacy to its users. Ashleymadison will give you an experience full of secrecy but excitement as well!


EHarmony has a very unique experience compared to other dating sites as it offers interracial dating as well. They are also aimed to connect people in to serious, long term relationships rather than just a hookup. The registration process is slightly longer and time consuming, but the larger benefit is guaranteed after that. The service isn’t cheap as compared to other, but if you manage finding a match in the first three months of joining, you get three months absolutely free! This is what shows the kind of confidence eharmony has in their service.


another unique platform, providing a differentiated experience – elitesingles is a website where you ca easily connect with people in the UK. USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand and what not. This means that women seeking older men can look for potential matches across different countries as well. They also have a very simple and easy to use interface, providing a percentage system as well that shows how much in terms of percentage a profile matches with your search criteria, giving a very personalized touch to it. They ask you certain personality questions about you, which must be answered accurately and in detail with meaningful insights – like how is your temperament, your favorite seasons, the activities you enjoy, etc. These matches are then matches with profiles that match the answers of other people as well to ensure you are connected with people of  potentially higher compatibility rate with you. We are particularly surprised to see that within just ten minutes of signing up, you may receive a message or an invite from a potential match. The new account is promoted to other existing members automatically, and hence the response rate from these members is significantly quicker. They also allow you to first test their services free of cost for yourself, and then enter in to any financial commitment. We can clearly observe that users are more involved in looking for relationships which they expect would last longer, than just casual hookups. Many members have published their success stories as well, and the website holds pride in their 2000 new couples meeting one another across 7 big countries. This statement also seems to be very true because of the significant amount of positive reviews that can be seen on the service homepage.

  1. boasts to be among the largest online dating platforms operating right now. They match people with each other by providing different features and services like online chat functionality, sending daily suggestions for other users to different members matching their preferences, and simply matching potentially similar profiles together. The focus is by and large present on establishing longer term relationships, where each new user who undergoes the process of signing up also collates their personality traits and personal information to get suggestions of meaningful matches only. There however are many pros and cons of the service as well. Being such a large platform, there is a fear of existence of fake accounts, some features being available to only paid subscribers, etc. The pop-up ads can still be avoided and ignored which are only present to distract the user from the relevant information. In order to gauge protection against such fake users, people are also given a Match Badge icon that shows that the account is verified by the service itself.


The USP of is that they only allow users over the age of 50 to register on the service, which makes it very exclusive older men dating site for older single men or women looking for older men. Members may interact with each other using the features of instant messaging, entering any chat room or simply liking another member’s profile.


This website has a very unique name, and one would wonder how does whatsyourprice work like. So, going in to slightly more details they have a fairly unique resource for matchmaking. Besides the traditional practice of providing customers with a list of their potential, you can actually give them a list of dates for customers to get their bookings on, though no guarantee is provided.

There is a simple operating model to this – instead of just wasting time on something that may prove to be as a drawn-out process of familiarization along with being offered with incentives. Ids can be placed by members on attractive singles. Once your offer is accepted, you just have to pay the agreed amount at the time of booking, in addition to all kinds of expenses incurred during the day.


Just like many others on the menu, we again have an established dating site as usual. There is an option for review, using which the costs of Zoosk will be compared with others and analyze if subscribing on the Zoosk brand experience provided, but then we don’t have a clear idea on if the brand experience will prove to be the best experiences, and a lot more.

Why Do Older Men Like Younger Women

Just like people ask why do younger women like older men when a young girl looking for older man, there is also the question that why do older men do so? Men do not like younger women just for their younger bodies and firmer flesh, but because young women have relatively less firm opinions or that is what they think so at least. Anyone who is a couple of decades younger than you will assume that you are right about most of the things you say or do. Some men also trade in many shared cultural points of reference for some admiration. Similarly, there is also a cliched concept that young women like dating older men because they are richer and more stable but the truth isn’t this only. Besides the looks, a younger person especially a woman brings in a lot of energy and refreshing vibe to one’s life and to a relationship as well. In fact, often age doesn’t even come in the equation for many people. Numbers have no matter if people have similar values and find themselves at almost the same stage of their life looking for similar stuff in future as well.

Why Do Women Like Older Men: Pros of Dating an Older Man

  1. He is Mature

He knows what he is and what he want right from the beginning. His likes and dislikes will be clear to both of you right from the beginning. He is also very accommodating and someone who goes with the flow. The ease and confidence his personality has will additionally bring in a fresh feel in your relationship.

  1. Financial Security

Older men have settled in their lives, be it a job or their own business – they are usually doing good enough to support a family well. If they aren’t even ‘rich’, they would still know where exactly there money is and thus it wont be an issue. You do not have to worry about splitting the bills even on the tenth date out. You may choose to do so out of equality and fairness, but not at all because his grace period has ended.

  1. You Wont Get to Hear “let Me Focus on My Career”

An older man is settled, they have chosen and built their careers and have ample time to focus on you and your relationship with him now. You can spend a lot of time together and focus on each others desires, interests and eventually your plans as a couple. It is very liberating to spend time and focus on a relationship with someone who is there for your relationship regardless of whatever else goes on in their lives.

  1. Are You Indecisive? No Worries, He Has Got Your Back

Women when at a younger age are generally a little indecisive about everything. From where to eat to what to decide for your future, you may always find yourself wondering about what will be the best for you both. However, he being the older one will have gone through different situations in life making him more experiences and a better decision maker. So, he will always have your back in such situations!

  1. You Can Stop Worrying About the Bush

You can easily bid farewell to plucking, shaving and waxing as older men grew up in a different generation where al the body hair and bush was considered appealing. He will go down on you without considering if you have shaved or not, and you will feel more of your natural self, and what is more liberating and free than that? Getting appreciated for just the way you are!

  1. Every Time You Have Sex, Will Be Like Making Love

You don’t have to question if he will introduce you to his friends, or hold your hand, etc. You will experience a lot more intimacy during sex than you ever experienced. When he kisses you, looks you in the eyes, and tell you how beautiful and sexy you are, you will feel love in each and every gesture. He will know exactly how and where to touch you, and make you enjoy sex as much as he does that. The time he gets with you will be highly appreciated by him because he finds it as an experience, instead of an adventure.

  1. He Appreciates the Depth You Carry

Men of age typically enjoy having a good, deep conversation with you. This is not just an arbitrary ritual of dating, instead he wants to know and hear all about your ideas, career plans, dreams and adventures. These things turn him on as much as your physical appearance does, so talk to him as much as you can when on dates.

  1. Your Youth Will Be Appreciated by Him

Older, confident men like to keep in the now. They like to be with people who are vibrant and youthful, as it keeps them so, too. When middle age people are approached, it is quite easy to coast through their lives and stay comfortable with what they have surrounded themselves with. When an older man is dating a younger woman, there are high chances that he is looking to maintain his youth as well. Your youth keeps them lively, inspired and adventurous making you feel desired as well in return.

  1. He is Good at Handling His Family

It can be quite tricky to introduce your significant other to your family, but when you are with an older guy they are much more aware about the dynamics of families and know how to navigate their way through the awkwardness that may happen when a new spouse is introduced in the family. You wont feel under any pressure because he will seem like a magician, handling all the tough instances in a great way without you even knowing it.

  1. He Will Show You Great Places, You Never Knew Existed

It is no secret that age brings experience with it. If you have an adventurous spirit in you and like to explore the world, he will do it the best. You may often find yourself in a city or country you might never have even heard of, trying the best kind of foods, staying at the best hotels, having the time of your life.

5 Cons of Dating an Older Man

  1. Controlling

A man who is paying the bills ma also begin to feel like you owe them something. They become entrenched in your life and may ensure that you are living the way he like. If they like to sleep naked or store the cereal in airtight containers, do not expect a change in any of this just because you are living with them now.

  1. Condescending

Some men despite their age may not have the wisdom, rather only think they have so and this is one of the challenges of dating an older man. This leads to a fatherly patronization in a very condescending way which is particularly very unsexy. A man is immensely wise when he knows that he knows nothing!

  1. Less/non-exciting

A man of older age has experienced most of the things in their lives and are settled, which leads them to become less exciting by nature. They may enjoy vintage stuff and quiet evenings more as compared to partying all night at the club. If you are looking for youthful activities to enjoy with your partner, do not expect that from an older man.

  1. Wants to Settle Down

Sometimes you just want to see if things work out, whether you like a person or not without having the idea of settling down. As opposed to this an older man will be more serous in the relationship and will be aiming to settle down with you. Sometimes, you may not find yourself handling this in a great way or may not be emotionally ready for such commitment.

  1. Possessiveness

Yes, this may become a problem with men of older age because they may assume you can go out with any other young man. This brings in the element of jealousy, and sometimes a little too much of possessiveness from your man’s side.

10 Tips for Dating an Older Man

  1. Conduct Your Own Research

Read up about the times your partner grew up in to know about his interests, how things were in those times to know about the kind of interests, values and personality traits he might have or show up in future. This will help you understand him better.

  1. Stay Prepared for Awkward Questions

You should expect some really awkward remarks and questions when meeting each others’ friends and families for the first time. Comments like, he’s too old for you, he seems like your dad, etc. should be no surprise.

  1. Keep Calm

You may actually be the talk of the town for quite a bit when you announce your relationship to others. Try becoming indifferent to any bad comments and just live your life the way you are enjoying it.

  1. What Do You See in Him? Define for Yourself

You will often find yourself answering questions like what do you see in him? To not blabber to such questions and make a strong point, you must have a solid statement maybe a mission statement as to why you are with him. Maybe it is the stability, his maturity or just the way he is – it can be anything. This is one of the best dating older men advice you will get.

  1. Accept That He is Not Alone

An older man may not be an individual but can be a whole package, and this must be accepted by you. He might not be alone, he may have his children, you might be dating an older married man so he has an ex wife or so. Get to know about things that matter to him, talk to him and accept all bits of his personality and life.

  1. Continue to Be Yourself

You do not have to change your personality or become someone else with him, he chose you for the way you are and never change that. Do the things you have been doing ever since, be the person you have been since the beginning. He will be more than delighted to see you as the same person he fell for!

  1. Do Not Play Games with Him

Older men are not aware about any dating games, it is in fact something associated with lesser mature men. Do not do so yourself as well, or expect him to do so!

  1. Plan Everything Well in Advance

You should always have all the essentials required for a romantic night out with him, or maybe a stay at home date. Have all your sexy stuff, the contraception, throat spray, lubricant, lingerie’s and anything else required ready at all times to not miss out on any sexy fun. This is to be ensured particularly if your man already has children. Trust me, you will be glad to have it all ready!

  1. Embrace the Baggage

Older men have typically had more experiences – both good and bad. These can be related to relationships, career or just life in general. They may have been through a lot of bad relationships, or maybe even a broken marriage, a failed business, a lost job – anything. So, you should be ready to accept any emotional baggage coming with him. Remember to be a good listener, and his best friend at times when he is low.

  1. Do Not Be a Hurdle Between His Responsibilities

Your man is mature, he may have his own business to look after or a managerial post – all this means he has responsibilities to cater to and might be working above and beyond what is typically considered essential. You need to make your you provide him allowances for these things, and schedule your date nights; which by the may also get cancelled last minute so be ready to handle that too.

10 Rules for Dating an Older Man

  1. Talk About What Dating is to Both of You

When starting off a relationship with anyone, whether same age or older other, clarity is very important to have about what are you guys looking forward to in the relationship or what do you want from it. It is quite possible that you might just be doing it for the experience, or are just exploring things. On the other hand, he might be thinking of settling down with you and may be all ready for it. Neither of you should be ticked off by your plans, for which there should be a clear conversation right at the beginning. This will save the two of you from a nasty breakup or a heartbreak later on. One question to ask is where do you see this going? Most couples do not want to bring that question on and avoid it, which is also understandable but it is in the best interest for you guys as a couple to discuss.

  1. Ensure You Both Are on the Same Page

Some older men dating younger women do so very occasionally but then may like this new older man younger woman relationship. Some are in to it since always, and are in to dating younger women. If you are dating a man 20 years older and he does so all the time, this is a red flag for you to watch out on if you are looking for a longer term relationship. Similarly, what if he is all ready to settle down, get married and have kids but you have other plans. You need to be sure of what you guys want when dating older man to be sure if you are just an arm candy or if he is looking for a wife in you. There is no harm in asking, but if you don’t ask the right questions at the right time it may harm both of you later on in a lot of ways.

  1. Be Who You Are

If you are thinking that I am dating a man 20 years older than me or am dating a man 30 years older, I need to be all mature like him to match him, this is rubbish. He chose you for what and who you are. Young women dating older men often have these things going on in their mind but it is not good. He chose you for your youth, your liveliness, smartness and what not. Stand up with a broad shoulder for what you are. Though women seeking older men and younger women dating older men should also understand that slight level of maturity is always great to have – you shouldn’t be like a second child to him, but be a partner. This is a complication when dating older men but it is all part of the experience.

  1. Do Not Become a Kid

Understand that you are dating a much older man but older man dating a younger woman doesn’t mean that he is your father. young woman seeking older men often have this in mind that he is going to take care of them and what not. dating an older man can become an absolute hassle if you start becoming a kid. If you just crave or miss an adult male figure you have lost or is lacking in your life, an older boyfriend is certainly not that. young girl looking for older man should understand that he might already have children and is not looking for one in you as well. The same goes for these men too, if they are trying to keep you like their kid in a creepy way, straight away ditch them! You are a mature woman, not ready to be controlled and bossed around like a toddler.

  1. Don’t Force Him into Something He Doesn’t Want

It may happen sometimes that you become emotionally involved in to a relationship that you both agreed to keep casual in the beginning. You are not supposed to force him into making it official, or anything that he doesn’t want or isn’t ready for. Stay honest about your feelings to him and let him decide the rest. younger girls with older men should be very careful of their psychology before setting high hopes about anything with them. While young woman seeks older man they should be mindful about the baggage they may bring from their past, their morality or any other thing from their personality can potentially bring in factors that will influence your relationship a lot.

  1. Leverage the Perks of Dating Older Men

A young girl dating older man can have a lot of things. They might be dating an older man for money which is another perk but shouldn’t be your focus ideally. Experience and maturity is also one of the benefits of dating an older man. Keep an open mind and always be ready to learn from them, you might get irritated sometimes but take it in the right spirit and make the most out of it.

  1. Make Sure You Are Not Losing Your Individuality

It is great for college girls or young girls to date older men but there can be certain pros and cons of dating an older man. There is a lot to offer to the other from both ends, the best however is to not lose your true self in the process. You have a partner who is there to offer you advice and guidance at all stages but this shouldn’t become controlling or take away your decision making ability form you. Thus, it is critical for younger women looking for older men to understand the importance of maintaining your individuality.

  1. Don’t Force Him to Be with You All the Time

Nevertheless it is great to and also important to be together at all times in things as an important aspect of the relationship, but this doesn’t mean that either of you should force the other into something you do not want. In fact, look for common interests which can help the two of you connect with each other at a much deeper level. For example, if both of you like to read, getting a membership at a local library or regular bookstore trips can be very thereupatic for the relationship and you as individuals as well. Fishing, coffee dates, Sunday brunch, romantic beach outings, movie nights, romantic getaways – all are ways to connect with each other and enjoy together amazingly.

  1. Brace Yourself for Opinions from Friends and Family

As soon as you begin with dating an older man, there is a high possibility that your friends and family react in a rather weird manner. This is because young women seeking older men is not as common, college girls usually and older men dating younger women is not taken in a very welcoming light.

  1. Do Not Be Immature

You have to understand that there are certain differences between the two of you and acting out like an immature child is not going to make it work at all. Your relationship will fall in a bad trap, so steer clear of any unrealistic demands, tantrums driven by temper, or acting out irresponsibly that may make your partner feel like they are parenting you instead of being in a romantic relationship with you.


He shouldn’t be watching you out to make sure you’re in senses and not drunk, or carry you back home and care for you just because you had some extraordinary unwatched fun. Anything that will make him use the phrase ‘you’re grounded’ will signify your immature behavior, so better police your actions and activities yourself.


When you have the right approach, dating an older man will be an absolutely enriching and delightful experience. It can be one that may alter your perspective on life and relationship for years to come. If your heart is set on one, then do not hold yourself back. But once you have made the decision then make sure you are aware of all the things we have discussed in this article. When looking for an older partner your best friend will be younger woman older man dating sites, older men younger women dating sites. Whether you need one for  Asian girls looking for older men or white women looking for black men, or anything else, we have got you covered as everything is discussed in this one single article!


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