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Scientific Research: The Impact of Human Activities on the Environment

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Humans thrive in comfort. It’s our ultimate aim in life, no matter what we do. We’ve discovered more comfortable ways to eat, sleep, travel, and live. We are wired with our affinity for comfort so much that we rarely think how it affects the environment, other people, and ourselves as a result. 

Human civilization has affected our planet in a way that changed it beyond return. The most prominent changes are caused through pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels. It’s time for us to wonder: are all luxuries in our lives necessary, given the fact that they cause us harm? 

Pollution: We’re Suffocating in Trash

Millions of metric tons of pollution are being released into the atmosphere on a yearly basis. Should we even mention the trash that pollutes the oceans and our entire planet? Pollution affects every sphere of living in the most unexpected ways. A recent study showed that air pollution is linked to the global diabetes issue.

Although most of us are aware of the problem and consistently complain about it, we continue polluting the soil, water, and air. If people dramatically changed their behavior towards less pollution, it would take our planet millions of years to regenerate itself. The problem is that most of us aren’t trying to make a difference on an individual level.    

Literature and Useful Resources on Pollution

If you’re working on an essay on pollution, you can find the latest research, paper samples, and great examples of writing on this useful site: https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/pollution/. You can also use Google Scholar to find recent studies and expert opinions. Don’t get stuck with outdated data! Humanity is continuously polluting the Earth’s resources, so it’s important to be aware of the current situation. Pollution is not the kind of topic that you could cover with an automated writing tool. It requires in-depth research, and you should include your own opinion about it. Instead of focusing merely on the problem, try to offer a few solutions, too!

Overpopulation: Did Human Survival Go Too Far?

Reproduction is an important aspect of our survival as a species. With the increased average lifespan and decreased mortality rates, we’ve stretched the planet’s capacity to sustain us. 

When writing college papers, students often overlook the seriousness of this issue. Overpopulation is the cause of greater pollution, deforestation, and fossil fuel burning. It seems to be the root cause of our negative impact on the environment. Humans require a tremendous volume of space, and they don’t refrain from taking it. The planet’s ecosystems are severely damaged as a result. 

Deforestation: More Space for Humans, Less Space for Wildlife

With the growing need for space, shelter, materials, and food, forests are being cleared at a devastating pace. Around 18 million acres of trees are being cleared each year. It’s a vicious cycle: people need trees to support our comfortable lifestyle, but deforestation causes lower air quality and creates the greenhouse gas effect. Recent studies show that deforestation is a major culprit behind the Amazon wildfires.

There is a solution, no matter how slow it seems. We need to work on reforestation, which would replace as much forest land as possible.  

Burning Fossil Fuels: We’ve Gone Too Far

Can you imagine your life without vehicles? It’s hardly possible, isn’t it? The probe;m is that vehicles release nitrogen into the atmosphere. With that, they contribute to air and water pollution. By burning fossil fuels, we contribute towards the formation of acid rain and smog.

There are possible solutions on an individual level: focusing on renewable energy sources, becoming more energy efficient, and minimizing the miles as much as possible. Taking public transportation and driving bicycles can be fun! Online education and work from home contribute to fewer miles per day, so consider those options if possible!

Is There Hope?

When you review the latest research, the situation seems hopeless. Our planet is getting more polluted, and humans maintain their bad habits no matter what solutions are being offered. 

But there is hope if each of us starts making individual changes. Nature is an unforgiving force. If we don’t do something to protect it, it will be hard to deal with the consequences. 

It’s easy to turn off video games, TV sets, and computers when we’re not using them. When we buy new home appliances, we can invest in energy star certified products. There are many things we can do without disturbing our personal comfort too much. Why don’t we start today?

BIO: Robert Griffith invests most of his time, finances, and energy in traveling. He loves nature, and he does everything in his power to damage it less. Robert often discusses pollution issues in his blogs, with the hope to raise awareness on an individual level.  

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