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Sci-Fi Classics: Little Fish

From the very first scene of Little Fish, released earlier this year, it is easy to know that this film is not your typical drama. With an overall motive that focuses on a growing life crisis for Emma, played by Olivia Cook, reviewers raise thoughts about what this movie is foreshadowing.

From the beginning until the end, some endless surprises and turns will leave you in suspense until the very last minute. As a sci-fi fan, it is essential to understand what makes this film such an instant classic sci-fi film.

The use of color

The use of color throughout Little Fish paints a picture of how Emma’s life is ending and sinking deeper and deeper into the delusions and lies she tells herself. At the beginning of the movie, Emma’s whole environment is surrounded by a white appearance that brings to mind purity and innocence.

However, as she continues to lose control of her life to drugs and men taking advantage of her, a blue color slowly creeps in around her world. Colors represent hopelessness and desperation that is sinking her deeper and deeper into the darkness. Emma’s world has completely disappeared by the end of the movie, leaving a black emptiness that represents loneliness and a lack of control.

The use of color throughout Little Fish gives an understanding of what is happening in Emma’s life and bleeds out from here into the world around her.


The use of symbolic props throughout Little Fish is also what makes this film a true sci-fi classic. One example of this is when Emma finds herself at the “Isle of Wonders,” where she imagines a world outside of reality through a drug-induced state.

At this moment, there are large, looming animal heads that represent animals’ power over humanity. However, this is only an illusion because Emma later in the film learns that these animals are men who take advantage of her for their pleasure. In the use of color throughout Little Fish, symbolism gives insight into Emma’s story and the world around her.

Little Fish: What Makes This Drama an Instant Sci-Fi Classic

The use of time

The use of time in Little Fish is another aspect that makes this film a true sci-fi classic and sets it apart from other dramas. The idea of time floating on by and never stopping creates a sense of urgency for Emma to get her life together before it is too late.

This aspect of the movie is highlighted in the beginning by Emma’s mother, played by Sólveig Arnarsdóttir when she tells her daughter that time is something that people don’t have ample amounts to play with. Because Emma has been drifting through life, allowing things to happen without taking action to change them, she begins to lose control of time as well.

For Emma to save her life, she must take back the lost control from the things that are trying to manipulate her. Time keeps going no matter what, so the only way for Emma to change things is by having a sense of urgency, which is what makes this movie a true sci-fi classic.

The critical elements of sci-fi

Little Fish is not your typical drama because it uses vital elements of sci-fi that make the story intense and suspenseful, which keeps the viewer engaged throughout the whole film. It also plays out from Emma’s view of the world into ours, so there are components to this movie that are relatable to everyday life.

Finally, the use of color, symbolism, and time throughout Little Fish paints a picture of what is going on in Emma’s world, so the story becomes more easily understood.

Little Fish: What Makes This Drama an Instant Sci-Fi Classic

The sci-fi genre

Some background on the sci-fi genre; it became popular in the 1950s, with movies like The Blob (1958) and It Came from Outer Space (1953) featuring fantastic creatures. Authors like Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote many stories that would inspire films like 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), directed by Stanley Kubrick. They are unique because they take place in a world unlike our own, often in the future. They frequently include elements of fantasy featuring robots and aliens. They can also include time travel, which the director utilized in Time Bandits (1981).

Other films that are considered classic in this genre are The War of the Worlds (1953). Planet of the Apes (1968), and A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959). These films include the idea of humans meeting different species and often needing to defend themselves. Sci-fi features time travel in many cases and also fantasy elements like aliens and robots. They can also be unique because they occur in a world unlike our own, often in the future.

Making of a cult movie

What makes a film a cult classic? Cult films are noted for their devoted, passionate fan bases, establishing a complex subculture that involves repeat viewings, dialogue quotations, and audience engagement. Cult films are described as any film with a devoted and enthusiastic fanbase. However, they differ from mainstream films in that they feature elements such as time travel or symbols. Little Fish has a cult following and would be a great addition to sci-fi fans’ collections.


Little Fish is a drama film with sci-fi components that make this film a true classic for romantic sci-fi drama. These components include symbols, time, and color that give viewers insight into the story of Emma’s life. This movie isn’t like your typical film because it can be related to our world, so there are components to this film people can connect to in everyday life!

Find out more about what makes sci-fi a fantastic category by reading up on some of these movies listed above or exploring some recently released titles. You might just find your next favorite flick.






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