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Safe Casinos: Tips for Avoiding Fake Online Casinos

Over the past few years, the online gambling industry has grown tremendously in market size and popularity. Bettors can play casino games conveniently at any time.

We live in an age where we can play any game with the tap of a button by visiting gambling platforms, like the popular FanDuel online casino using your mobile device. It’s that straightforward.

However, as it’s in every commercial industry and even more rampant today, the introduction of advanced technology has led to increased fraudulent activities, leading to loss of money. According to a survey by the New York Post, more than 60% of Americans claim to have fallen victim to an online scam.

It’s safe to say that everything that has benefits has downsides as well. Sadly, a significant number of unsuspecting gamblers have fallen victim to these criminal acts. Gamblers are, therefore, advised to be more cautious while looking for an online casino.

As with every other online scam, there must be red flags that could indicate that an online casino is fake. Here are some tips that could help you spot a fake online casino:

 Does the Casino Have Relevant Licensing?

One of the most important things you want to look out for before depositing money into a casino is its gambling license. Any legitimate casino will have a relevant license because it serves as proof of authenticity. A gambling license can only be issued by a genuine gaming authority.

Usually, bettors can check for a casino’s license by scrolling down to the bottom of their homepage. A legitimate casino will include the name of the licensing body and its license number. Make sure to use this information to confirm whether or not the casino is licensed and regulated.

 What Are the Available Payment Options?

You should raise an eyebrow if a casino doesn’t have different payment options. For instance, if an online casino allows deposits only via credit cards, it’s most likely a fake one, and you should avoid it. Many times, these sites want your credit card details.

Safe casinos offer a variety of payment methods, like bank deposits, checks, and e-payments. Some receive deposits via cryptocurrency.

 Does the Casino Have a Testing Certification?

There are trusted organizations that deal specifically with online casino auditing. The purpose of auditing an online casino is to ensure fair gameplay and that published returns are reported accurately. A legal casino should have a testing certification from at least one of such companies.

Review the casino’s webpage for links to their testing certificate. Raise a red flag if an online casino doesn’t have one.

 Who Owns the Casino?

It’s necessary to find ownership details on the casino’s webpage before signing up. Many fake casinos would only create a contact us page, leaving out vital information about the owner. Some casinos go as far as providing an e-form for you to fill in your contact information without giving you details on how to reach them. Avoid these platforms.

A genuine casino will provide information such as the office address, email addresses, phone numbers, and customer care contact information. Some casinos also incorporate a live chat feature on their websites.

 Look Out for Fake Ads and Other Scandals

Fake casinos always have scandals like fake advertisements and outrageous bonus offers. We’ve seen cases of casinos failing to pay winnings, constantly changing terms and conditions, and delaying payments.

You can check for reviews from past bettors to know if they’ve encountered any such problems. A genuine casino will have fewer complaints despite being in business for a long time. Too many negative reviews is a sign that an online casino is fake


The advent of modern-day technology is one of the best things that happened to the gambling market. However, the insurgence of fraudulent activities by so-called online casinos has been a cause for concern. With these outlined tips, you should be able to identify a safe casino from a fake one.


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