Reserve Your Rights to Compensation After a Car Accident

Reserve Your Rights to Compensation After a Car Accident

Anyone who is injured in a car accident, especially if it’s caused by someone else, has the right to request compensation. Here’s how to make the most of your claim.

If you’ve been involved in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, make sure you are compensated for all the injuries and damages. The compensation usually comes after a settlement made of your car accident claim. Or, less often, it comes after a lawsuit.

Protecting your rights comes down to several essential things: documentation, patience, and persistence. Settling your car claim without resorting to a formal lawsuit is indeed challenging, but if you’re armed “with the right tools” and the right calmness, you and your lawyer will negotiate for suitable compensation for your car accident case.

So, how should you document the accident?

First of all, you must be aware that the accident must be documented as soon as possible. The time after a car crash can be very chaotic. You’ll instantly become frustrated, stressed, and confused. However, you’re not severely injured, it’s still important to document the scene of the accident as much as you can. Great evidence is key to winning your case in court and claim good compensation.

Address your witnesses

Get the information needed, including their contact info. This is especially important for later on. But ask them if they agree to make verbal and written statements. They must provide information regarding the accident, and what they’ve witnessed at that time. The more they will cooperate with you, the stronger your claim will be.

Call 911

Calling the police in these moments is crucial, as they will add another part of the documentation to your claim. The police report holds great importance regarding your insurance agents and claims lawyers. So, don’t hesitate to call the police after the car crash. Too oftentimes, the person at fault will always try to keep the police out of this. But you shouldn’t fall to this catch. It’s just a tactic of the other party to keep the situation out of the police’s hands, in case they’ve damaged your car. Your number one priority is to protect yourself and your future claim. Don’t skip this step just because the other guy “tries to close the deal nicely”.

Take photos and videos at the scene of the accident

Use your mobile phone and make sure you can take some photos and video records, so you can use them as evidence later. Ask your witnesses to also take pictures. Photographing the whole accident area, including any damage that has been made to your vehicle it’s extremely important. Any obvious injuries you have must be photographed as well. If the street signs, traffic lights, or any other object contributed to the accident, you must photograph it as well.

Seek medical care

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, you should immediately seek medical attention. You might not be aware of your injuries, as these might be hidden. If your body does not show any signs of external injuries, you might experience internal bleeding. Due to the adrenaline from the accident, you might not be aware of the fact that you’re actually hurt. For this reason, it’s essential for you to seek medical help immediately after the accident.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations exactly. If you’re restricted from going to work, adhere to the restrictions. If you have severe injuries, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself and make things worse. A compensation calculator will give you free instant compensation calculation, the real cost of making a claim, and confirm your rights for claiming.

Get repairs done for the damages

After you have finished documenting the accident and sought medical care, make sure you start collecting repair evaluations for the damages done to your car. Almost any insurance agent will ask for proof of the inspection of the damage to your car, so make sure to do it ahead. This will help you make a strong argument for the repairs that have been made, and the costs of it.

Be persistent

Professionalism must be shown in each aspect of life. And when it comes to dealing with a claim, you must be patient, persistent, and professional. Your claim is your number one priority, and never the insurance companies. So, dealing with insurance companies requires you to be extremely patient and diplomatic. If you want to receive good compensation, you must remain by your insurance adjuster or lawyer’s side. They are the ones deciding your fate unless you’re ready to defend yourself and bring a lawsuit.

So, be sure to make calls and regular checks on your claim. It’s your priority and responsibility, after all. Just remember that insurance companies deal with thousands of cases, and sometimes, they might not answer your calls, unintentionally. So, maintain the contact in a professional manner, as you might be surprised by the results of your claim.

Why you might need a lawyer?

Unfortunately, accidents happen, as much as we don’t desire them to happen. It’s either our fault or another party’s fault, it simply does not matter. What truly matters is our way to react to them. If you feel like you need someone to support you through the process of the claim, just know that you might need a lawyer. They will deliberately deal with your claim, so don’t hesitate on calling an attorney in case you’ve been involved in a car accident. Attorneys are specially trained to help victims get compensation for their damages and losses. And, they are also implied in the lawsuit, if necessary.

The money you should pay for hiring an attorney might scare you, but there’s nothing for you to worry about. If your case goes to court and you win it, a part of the compensation goes into your attorney’s account. So, make the most of your claim and get the compensation you deserve by briefly talk with a lawyer after an accident.

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