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Rent an IP – Make Your Own Proxy or VPN

Proxies and VPNs are immensely useful tools. They mask your digital identity when visiting online sites and services.  They reduce tracking and bypass specific geo-entry barriers on various websites. There is also a wide range to choose from depending on your needs. A few include residential proxies, datacenter proxies and others. If it’s your first time hearing about proxies, click here for more information.

You are also able to make your own proxy or VPN by renting an IP address from a datacenter and using free andopen source software to create your very own. Using your own proxy or VPN is much safer than relying on a public VPN service and gives you more control. It can also be more affordable and rewarding than buying a proxy from a proxy service provider. Let’s look at why you may need a personal proxy and how to make one.

Why Do I Want a Personal Proxy/VPN?

Both tools have useful applications, and almost any online user will find them beneficial for their work or personal use. These benefits include keeping your IP address private and disguised. You can also use them to access websites and content that may be geo-restricted. Most go to a proxy service provider to get one as it is more convenient, but an alternative that has recently been growing in popularity is making your own.

If you are making your own proxy, you can create it to do exactly what you want it to. Proxies that you buy from a provider have been set up to meet the requirements of most users. However, this means it isn’t created for you as an individual and may lack a few things that you need, or may include features you won’t use. With your own proxy you also have complete control over the proxy or VPN you make.

Making your own proxy or VPN also means you are more secure from data breaches and they are less risky to use. The reality is that companies are bigger targets for hackers and cyber criminals as they have more data that can be useful. Having your own proxy minimizes that risk by making you less of a target.

Getting Started

Assuming you’ve already rented your IP address from a proxy service provideror similar service, now it’s time to get into the process itself. The first step would be selecting the software. There are many online programs that can make the process of creating a proxy or VPN out of a dedicated IP extremely easy.

The whole process can be done in less than a day with these programs, and it’ll give you complete control over what you turn this unique IP into. Another plus is that most of them are free and open source.

Want to turn it into a datacenter proxy where you can store files and backups to a secure, independent system away from your own hardware? You can do this with your own creation. Want to turn it into a VPN service just like the countless others on the market, but one that only you can use? No problem when using and creating your own.

If you rented your IP from the US, you would be able to stream things as if you were in that area of the US, so geographical restrictions would still apply. Also, beware that this personal IP will not protect you from piracy and copyright infringement notices.

No Rocket Science Required

The whole process should take less than an afternoon to complete. While some of the software has a small learning process, none of this requires any high-level programming or computer wizardry. It’s about as simple as entering a few commands into a prompt and selecting your personal settings after downloading the software.

So if that’s all there is to it, why don’t more people take this route? Public providers for these services are so popular because doing processes like this manually often scares off users. There’s a certain mental image everyone has of the “do-it-yourself” programmer with a hundred tabs open trying to get a single program to work.

Most software for this truly is as easy as connecting it to your rented IP and setting up what you want it to be and how you want it to work. Yes, some of this will require instructions or research, but enough users have already done this exact process that all the answers you’ll need are already online and can be found with a few clicks. Once that’s done, you should have your own fully functioning personal IP or datacenter proxy.


Proxies from reputable providers still have their place as not everyone has the skill or wants to go through the effort of making their own. However, creating your own proxy can be a very rewarding experience, both personally and financially.You can save money by avoiding the package prices of these services with features you won’t use, and you can rest assured knowing that you’re in total control of your rented IP.

Perhaps the biggest bonus, however, is getting to learn a bit about proxies and VPNs along the way. These services are becoming more and more popular as people begin to discover just how useful they are. Knowing how they tick and even how to make your own will give you the wisdom that many users just won’t have. You can be well-informed, safe, and in total control of your unique IP, all with the helpful new tool that you’ve just made.

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