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Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Job and What Can Organizations Do About It

Every organization must have a proper employee retention strategy to ensure their employees stick with them for a longer period. If the employee turnover rate is higher, it costs a lot of money for the organizations to hire, onboard, and train the employees all over again. Talented and skilled employees are hard to get and once you find them, ensure they stick with your company for a while.

There are many reasons why employees leave a company, but some of them are not in your control. In this article, we will discuss those reasons which organizations can control if they have the right employee retention strategies. To know more about those, keep reading the article. 

1)Poor onboarding process:

You want your employee onboarding process to be smooth rather than it being all over the place. According to a study, over 60% of the employees stick with a company for over three years if the onboarding process is good. 

To provide a great onboarding experience, you must have a proper plan and strategy in place. To reduce all the paperwork and make most of the onboarding processes, you can make use of onboarding software. This tool helps to store the onboarding documents and other employee data making life easier for your HR team too. Along with this, ensure you welcome your new hires by conducting informal meetings and guiding them all the way during the initial training period.

2) Fewer growth opportunities:

Any young professional who wants to grow in their career needs proper opportunities. If the organization is not offering enough learning opportunities, then the employees might look for better options. To overcome this problem, offer training that helps your employees upskill and grow in their careers. Training makes the employees more productive which will also help the organization too.

Along with learning opportunities, your employees want regular hikes in their salaries as well. You don’t need to pay high salaries but pay them according to the industry standards. Look for your competitors and see how much they’re paying for a similar role. If the role is a highly skilled one, you have to pay them well.

3)Poor work-life balance:

Work-life balance is another major issue why employees leave a company. Organizations must ensure that their employees do not work for extra hours and burn out themselves. One way you can ensure a good work-life balance is going by the results rather than being particular about the work hours. You can also offer flexible working options where your employees can work from anywhere. This makes it easier for employees to strike a balance between their work and personal life.

4)Equation with the boss:

A healthy relationship between the employee and the manager is very important for the overall health of the organization. Your employees should daily report to their managers and sort out the work-related problems with them, so the work relationship between them becomes very important. If your employees are uncomfortable with their manager whom they have to face regularly, then there is a serious issue. 

To overcome this problem, managers must do one-on-one meetings regularly with their employees, take their feedback to find out their problems and ensure the overall health of the employee. 

5)They are not engaged:

If your employee is disengaged, you can see a dip in productivity and they will obviously look for other options if they are not reneged with their current job. There are few warning signs that indicate your employee is not engaged. A disengaged employee does the bare minimum, doesn’t take ownership of his/her work and refrain himself/herself from the social activities. To overcome this, try talking one-on-one to them and figure out what’s their problem. Recognize their efforts and ensure they have a good work-life balance.


No matter how many reasons that employees have to leave their job, organizations have only certain things which they can fix. Find those most common reasons and ensure you get those sorted. This will help to bring down the employee turnover rate in a big way.

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