Powerful Tips To Leverage Social Commerce Conversions

Recently, 3.81 billion people have used social media networks. The users can either use one or many social media platforms at a time. These social media networks make lots of sales revenue by business marketing methods. With a massive user base, you can reach several potential clients. Plus, it will help you build your social commerce conversion for your business.  

Pro Tip: Social commerce on Instagram and TikTok are becoming game-changers for eCommerce. With an excelling user base of 1157% from January 2018. So, it is best to try TikTok. Since the platform offers the potential for business marketing and selling their products, you can even create engaging content strategies on TikTok. You can even get buy tiktok fans by expanding your brand exposure.

After this, we will again return to the social commerce conversions concepts. From this, you need to start your social media marketing plans. It is not a piece of cake as it looks on your business profile. Not only posting pictures of your products can drive your sales. Yet, start using several tactics and tricks on your social media profiles. First, practice your social media platform’s marketing methods to gain conversions. Now, dive deep into these tactics where you can grab, interact and gain your customers’ trust. 

There are practical tips to leverage your social commerce conversion rates. Let us start right now!

Promote Your User’s Content On Social Media

The user’s content plays a significant role in driving social commerce conversions. Also, this content works as social proof for your brand’s identity. It is the type of content that assists you in gaining your customers’ trust. When your potential customer posts their user-generating content, your new followers can get an idea of trying your business. For example, UGC posts on social media benefit that customers can get authentic product reviews. Every customer trusts everything from the customers but not from the promotional content.

For example, the Fashion Nova brand is a fashion apparel company. Therefore, it works with women’s clothing on social media platforms. Also, it is an ideal example that got massive sales growth by driving success. Thus, Nova started to host competitions and giveaways during the festive season and holidays. As a result, it even motivated more customers to connect with their brands.

Try To Use Appropriate Hashtags

Do you need to expand your social commerce conversions? If so, start to use appropriate hashtags on your social media posts. Always hashtags play a massive role in enhancing your sales and traffic rate for your brand. Suppose the audience looks at your business content relevant to your brand. Then they can see your posts using hashtags. Hashtags help in bringing your target audience who are curious about your brand.

It is very significant for your business to research relevant hashtags. So, try to make sure that your post reaches the masses of potential customers. Social media uses three types of hashtags to reach the target audience:

  1. Brand or campaign based hashtags
  2. Product-Based hashtags
  3. Viral Hashtags

Important Tip: If you are using all these three hashtags on your social media post. You can drive immediate conversions. Above all, try to use Paymetoo to make your social media posts trending.

Highlight With Offers & Discount Deals

Social media connects straight with its potential customers. For this, improve your social media conversion sales. If so, post on your social media by mentioning offers and discount deals for your potential customers. These discount deals attract new followers and existing customers. Also, there are three types of discount deals. The first one is Credit, a percentage discount, and dollar-based deals. Always try to eager your followers to take an instant action to buy from your social media post. 

When you run your discount deals on holidays and festivals throughout the year, it will boost your social commerce conversions. Next, use the Google Rank detector to check your business campaign’s performance.

Use Buyable Pins

Pinterest serves as the ideal social media platform to improve your conversion rate. Studies say that the order value from Pinterest Shoppers is about $50. It is much more than most of the social media sales growth. You can even try using Pinterest to expand your customers with higher sales and traffic. On the Pinterest platform, try to use the buy now button on your brand page to ensure that your users come to buy from your products by clicks. It is simple for your customers to shop in this method. Also, it improves your social commerce conversion rates.


In a nutshell, these powerful tricks help in maximizing your social platforms. Also, it helps in building your eCommerce conversion rates with better profits. If you use TikTok, you have the best option to drive social media engagement. You can also try Paymetoo, which elevates your performance to the next level.


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