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Perfume industry: Can costs be lowered?

Perfumes are one of the most desired items by almost everyone, so much so that many men and women are willing to spend a small fortune to have the latest and richest fragrance on the market.

The perfume industry is a very complex one, since it is an art in which olfactory materials are mixed to give life to a new aromatic identity, which is unique in its kind. In this article we will analyze how these fragrances are composed and why they cost so much money; but more importantly, we will analyze if it is necessary for them to be so expensive or if their excessive price is just a fashion whim.

The excessive cost of certain perfumes is an issue that some companies, such as Dossier, have taken on the task of manufacturing exquisite perfumes of superior quality at a reasonable price, such as their “Floral Marshmallow”, inspired by Kilian Love don’t Be Shy, which has proven to be on par with the top brands in the industry.

Why are perfumes expensive?

Let’s start at the beginning of the process. In general, most of the ingredients used in high-end perfumes are usually unique and quite expensive. Fragrances are unique because each one is composed of different ingredients in different proportions, but in addition, the quality of those ingredients plays a determining factor.

Some perfumes contain the scent of a rare or hard-to-find root or plant, exotic flower petals, or essential oils that are very difficult to extract. Some of the more expensive oils involve complex and lengthy extraction processes, such as orris oil, which requires a process that takes 3 to 5 years because it must first be dried and aged.

This is the case with several of the most common ingredients used in the production of perfumes, therefore, the material itself is expensive. However, the price of the most coveted perfumes on the market are really high, and not necessarily due to the cost of the raw material.

The most expensive perfumes on the market are usually those that come from the top fashion brands, the most exclusive ones. We are talking about companies that spend millions of dollars for the most popular celebrities in the movies and music industry, to promote their perfumes. Hiring artists like Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts or Rihanna involves a huge investment that is later reflected in the price of the product. But it is a marketing strategy that works, as consumers are not only attracted by the scent, but there is a visual aesthetic that makes them fall in love with the product.

In addition, companies spend fortunes to make extravagant and striking bottles and packaging to attract even more customers and highlight their product to become an object of desire. Of course, this makes the final product even more expensive. One of the most emblematic cases is the Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty’s, a perfume whose bottle had an 18 carat golden neck with an inserted diamond, causing the final product to cost $ 435,000

Thus, the prices of top-brand perfumes end up costing more than double what they cost to produce, entering the market at an excessively expensive price. Therefore, consumers assume that producing these fragrances involves exorbitant amounts of money, when in fact it is possible to make a quality perfume without spending a fortune. The company Dossier is proof of this, since it has managed to position itself in the market for top quality perfumes, at a reasonable price and within everyone’s reach, selling fragrances such as “Floral Marshmallow”, inspired by Kilian Love don’t Be Shy.

Inspiring change in the industry

As mentioned, companies like Dossier have taken on the task of creating incredible premium fragrances at a price that is accessible to all. The company was founded with the goal of proving that it is not necessary to have celebrity endorsements or to sell products in extremely expensive containers and packaging; their main focus is not to turn a blind eye to the excessive prices that top brands command, as their perfumes sell for far more money than they cost to produce.

Dossier proposes a new way to buy premium fragrances, especially for those consumers who cannot afford those amounts, providing a quality option, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and free of animal cruelty. In this way, high-end fragrances are within everyone’s reach.



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