Palestinian, two Israelis come together in hopes of making Houston the glove manufacturing center of the world

“I stand by Israel. I love Israel. I support Israel,” said Omri Shafran, CEO of Texas Medical Technology.
Dimitri Menin is also from Israel, Jad Shraim is not.

“They know I’m from Lebanon, Palestine region, and they knew I was from Israel,” he said. “When Dimitri and I first met, he was telling Omri don’t tell him we’re from Israel. It will kill the deal.”

50 plus years of conflict in the Middle East wasn’t about to stop these entrepreneurs.

“As soon as I came here to the States, suddenly everything changed. You don’t feel the conflict when you leave there,” Menin said. “Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there’s Jews and Arabs that would not do business together.”

“As bad as COVID was to the world, I think it broke a lot of barriers and walls that were established historically for a very, very long time,” Shraim said.

These guys are bringing the production of innovative personal protective equipment here to the Space City.

“Knowing how these types of viruses can spread contamination is a high risk to our hospital systems, schools, just day to day life,” said Shraim.

Check this out, it’s an automated glove dispenser called Initrile.

The three men behind Texas Medical Technology say the machine will save hospitals and other businesses money.

It even tells you who used the glove and the size of their hand.

With vaccines, we are starting to see the end of the pandemic.

“We all know the post COVID life is not going to be the normal as we use to know it,” said Shraim. “The normal is going to change.”

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