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NJDiet Reviews: How it Works, Cost, & Effectiveness

While the dieting industry continues to rage on, there are countless plans available for individuals wanting to shed extra pounds. The premise is the same throughout the different options, follow the outlined plan and lose weight successfully. Unfortunately, most plans are generic and limiting – catering to the vast majority instead of targeting audiences.

A new genre of dieting is attempting to tackle the diet industry, promising significant results, simplified plans, and customized options for virtually every body type. The NJ diet is the newest option for those with considerable weight loss goals, using Nutrigenomics as the plan’s foundation. Most NJDiet reviews from previous clients are positive, citing significant weight loss while on the program. But how, exactly, does the plan work?

What is the NJ Diet?

This medically supervised program customizes every component of the weight loss plan to an individual’s genetic makeup, using comprehensive testing and the scientific study of Nutrigenomics. Essentially, the NJ Diet breaks down the diet plan into specific individual components, using the patient’s health profile as a guide. From there, the participant follows a four-step, forty-day program.

The NJ Diet Testing Methods

Every individual considering the NJ Diet will consult with a doctor, including multiple health assessments. These tests include blood, saliva, hair, and biogenetic analysis. The evaluations consider nearly 3,500 biomarkers, bringing custom results to every participant. The consultation will also include water weight analysis, BMI, and other biometric reference points.

The results include a complete profile of absorption levels, deficiencies within the body, toxins, metals, or viruses within the body. The testing will also highlight other digestive issues occurring within the body. Your medical profile will be analyzed, creating a personalized profile, and answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Following the Diet Plan

Moving forward with the plan, medical professionals will create a custom plan that help heal your body from the inside out. While other plans focus on calorie counting, the NJ diet works to heal the gut, significantly improving the body’s health and wellbeing. Participants will also receive a customized meal plan to follow over the forty days. To avoid any ongoing deficiencies or nutritional deficit, every individual receives custom supplements to take while following the program. All supplements are naturally sourced, professional-grade, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Participants are expected to follow the NJ diet for 40 days, while meeting with their medical professional every 10-15 days. In between appointments, patients are given the email address and phone number for direct contact if they have any questions or concerns.

After individuals have finished their 40-day program, all participants meet with their doctor for a final discussion. Your medical team will break down the appropriate calorie intake for your genetic makeup, dietary needs to maintain weight loss, and accurate information relating to the overall health and wellbeing of your body. This includes a breakdown of foods to avoid, specific components directly influencing your health.

How Much Does the NJ Diet Cost?

The initial consultation for the NJ Diet is regularly $99; however, there are often promotions and discounted pricing available directly through their website. Currently, the consultation is available for $27. This fee includes the initial appointment with your doctor, along with all testing and screening required to start the program.

As the program relies heavily on healing the gut to lose weight, every individual will have a customized supplement guide to follow over the 40 days. Participants are required to purchase these supplements directly from the facility to ensure quality control and optimal absorption. As such, registered individuals can expect an additional cost between $600-1500 to cover these expenses. Every individual on the program is unique in their nutritional requirement, making this component impossible to estimate ahead of time.

How Effective is the NJ Diet?

The website indicates that the DNA-based diet is ideal for anyone wanting to lose a considerable amount of weight. Testimonials on the site and through third-party platforms indicate extremely positive results following the program, with many individuals losing between 20-40 pounds. Participants agree that the menu planning removes the issue of overeating and portion control without feeling hungry (thanks to the supplements offering significant nutritional value).

The major influencing component for many was the support and encouragement during the program and after completing the diet. Previous clients raved about the ongoing support and follow-up they receive from their medical team, offering feedback or occasional check-ins to keep them on track. For someone struggling with weight loss, having adequate support from outside sources is paramount to successfully keeping the pounds off.


While the NJ diet isn’t for everyone, it can be a viable option for individuals struggling to lose weight following traditional programs. It also works well for people that have successfully lost some weight but continue to regain it shortly after stopping. If you’re looking for a personalized and educational approach to your weight loss, the NJ diet may be an ideal option.


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