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News Of The Crypto Trio That’s Turned Into The Most Searched Cryptocurrencies In The United States

MLB odds may be receiving the necessary traffic on BetUs bettors looking to find the latest MLB odds, money lines, and totals, however, Bitcoin and Ethereum may not seem to be receiving the very same attention after recent reports found that the cryptocurrency market now has a new crypto trio that’s taking the US digital currency space by storm. 

The cryptocurrency space remains largely dominated and led by Bitcoin and Ethereum affording these two popular cryptocurrencies the worthy title of being regarded as the “Big Two.” With a total market value that comprises almost 63% of all digital currencies, the “Big Two” continue to prove what cryptocurrencies are capable of within the financial and investment market. 

But despite statistics proving Bitcoin to attribute its success to its perception of scarcity while Ethereum thrives on excelling in its role in decentralized finance, there seems to be a growing interest in other cryptocurrencies that extend well beyond these popular “blue chips” that remain widely followed tokens to this day. Here’s a look at the 3 most searched cryptocurrencies that are currently creating an interesting buzz in the world of digital currencies. 


With 7 million average monthly searches, Dogecoin has successfully managed to outpace the “Big Two” combined. The sudden interest in the coin is said to come as a result of Elon Musk’s support of the coin after receiving rather positive results of his own which he had added to his crypto portfolio. Self-proclaimed to now be the “Dogefather”, he previously went onto Twitter to reveal that he is indeed currently partnering with Dogecoin developers to improve the network so investors can have lower transaction fees and expedite processing times to work in favor of the investor. 

Though this may look appealing to the Dogecoin market, unfortunately, Dogecoin interest may later prove to be misplaced as there’s no real evidence to prove any resemblance in line with offering a competitive advantage. Other than it being the most searched coin in the United States, Dogecoin:

  • Offers higher transaction fees compared to other popular cryptocurrencies that you’d typically find on leading sportsbooks like BetUs.
  • Is presently accepted by no more than 2000 merchants spread across the globe according to Cryptwerk reports.
  • Has seen its blockchain transaction go down daily to a three-year low. 

Shiba Inu

With 870 000 average monthly searches in the United States, Shiba Inu has gained just under 10 million in percentage since its recent launch. For this reason, it’s not challenging to understand why investors have taken such a huge interest in it. 

Reports show that some of the reasons why the cryptocurrency has soared over recent months include the common mental fear investors have of missing out, the ever-growing listing numbers that appear on crypto exchanges, as well as the launch of its decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap. The latter is proving to help boost the coin’s liquidity allowing for staking, and this could encourage investors to not sell their SHIB coins anytime soon. 

But just like the critical flaws experienced with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu also lacks in offering a competitive edge. Being that it’s an ERC-20 token that’s been created on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers high transaction fees and slow processing times compared to other popular payment coins. It exercises low real-world utility with no more than 100 merchants that accept it for payment. It also has one of the lowest median hold periods among all the largest digital currencies in the world according to Coinbase. 


With 704 000 average monthly searches, Cardano remains third in line with the most searched cryptocurrencies in the United States, however, this coin is proving to offer real-world potential in comparison to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

Arguably, it seems the unique selling point of the Cardano coin has to do with the transparency it has with its development team as well as the clearly defined steps that are continuously being taken to improve governance, speed, function, scalability, and security within the technological and financial space. By investing in smart contracts, as with Ethereum, Cardano can create nonfinancial and financially focused decentralized applications for developers. In turn, this creates long-term potential that can be exciting and rewarding for investors. 


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