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Myths Related to Hiring Movers

Moving a business or home needs a lot of planning and hiring a professional moving company can ease down the process to a great extent. It takes a lot of coordination and effort on the actual moving day and handling this stressful situation is not easy for an individual. But when it comes to hiring professional movers, there are some very common myths and misconceptions. Here we will discuss some common myths related to hiring the best long distance movers from the moving industry and will also try to unravel the truth behind them.


Movers do not handle goods with care

This is one of the most common myths related to hiring movers. People have this misconception that movers do not handle moving goods with enough care. Though there can be some exceptions, most moving companies have expert and skilled people to pack, carry, and transit household items. Professional movers use reusable high quality and safe packing material to pack goods and professionally packed goods are safe to carry and move. We are often told that moving company people will casually handle our precious and delicate materials and that is not true. All you have to do is to hire a reputed and experienced moving company to do the job. Make sure you read all the reviews and ratings about the  long-distance movers before you hire them for the move.


No need to hire movers for a short-distance move

This is the biggest myth that you don’t need to hire professionals for a short-distance move. Packing your home and carrying the packed boxes to the moving vehicle will take the same effort for a short-distance move as it will take for a long-distance move. It is wise to hire professional movers even if you are moving a short distance. We often make the mistake of transporting our stuff in a personal vehicle and make several trips to shift the whole household and do not realize that instead of saving money, we end up spending more money than hiring professional movers. Professional movers ensure the safety of your stuff even in a short-distance move.


They do not unpack your stuff

Most professional movers are full-service movers and provide all moving-related services including packing and unpacking. Some moving companies also provide move-in and move-out cleaning services. All you have to do is to discuss all the services required at the time of getting a moving quotation from them. A professional moving company provides a moving estimate based on the transportation of goods and charge extra for every additional service after that so it makes sense to let your service provider know about your requirement in detail while discussing your moving cost.


They are very expensive

Most people have this misconception that hiring a professional mover will cost them much higher than a DIY move which is not true at all. When we make our moving budget for a DIY move, we often forget to add many small expenses that are unveiled at the last moment. Even in a DIY move, you will have to hire labor as moving heavy furniture items is not a child’s play. Also, packing your expensive and delicate stuff on your own can cause damage that might cost you much more than hiring a professional moving company. A reputed professional moving company provides you with all moving services at a reasonable price, all you have to do is to book them in well in advance and to possess some good bargaining skills.


Moving insurance covers everything

Moving insurance varies from company to company and most of the time it covers only a part of your total goods. So, it is important to have a full understanding of the moving insurance offered by your moving company. Many people buy extra insurance, especially when moving long-distance. Basic insurance doesn’t cover all your goods hence you cannot expect any reimbursement if any damage occurs during the moving process.


Weekends are the best times to move

Most people move on weekends and this makes weekends the worst time to move. Often people think that they will get plenty of time to move and organize their new home on a weekend and so everyone plans a weekend move. A weekend move is not only costlier but also messier than a weekday move. You can always combine your weekday with a weekend to set up your new home but make sure you move mid-week. Moving companies also provide lean season discounts and you can avail of these discounts by planning your move a little early.


Moving labor is criminal

One of the most ironic misconceptions related to hiring a moving company is that moving labor is criminal. It is highly advisable to not judge all the companies based on some bad past experiences. Though moving frauds are very common nowadays, a good and reputable moving company will always have its own skilled, experienced, and trustworthy crew. So, make sure you hire a licensed and insured company that is affiliated with the Department of Transportation.


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