Must-have apps for travellers

Planning a trip can be a rather difficult task, there are many details to take into account. From choosing the best destination, the accommodation with the best value or whom to travel with either friends or one of the sexy escorts in Wolverhampton, among many others. 

Perhaps this is why many people prefer to book a package through a travel agency, even if it means more expenses, so that they don’t have to worry about anything other than packing their bags and leaving.

On the other hand, with the advance of technology and the accessible use of the Internet almost anywhere in the world, planning and even executing the planned itinerary has become much easier.

Who does not remember the days when it was necessary to use a printed map or a compass to find the way? Or even buying a phone card to communicate with loved ones on a public phone? Today, all of this is simple, quick and sometimes even free.

Apps are a great help for those looking to make reservations, find information about the destination, compare prices and even save money. With that in mind Skokka together with the most beautiful escorts in Ireland will discuss below the travel apps that will be more than useful before, during and maybe even after the trip. 

Must-have apps for travellers


Gone are the days of buying tickets directly from the airlines’ websites. With applications such as Skyscanner, it is possible to compare flight options and filter them by flight time, number of stopovers, etc. It also allows customers to buy tickets directly from the airlines.


With this app, it is not only possible to find restaurants, tourist attractions, excursions and hotels, among others, but also to know the opinion of other users about them, as well as filtering by the most recommended ones. Absolutely great!


Looking to find out what establishments are close to your area? AroundMe tells you. Among them are hospitals, cinemas, banks, petrol stations… a real help at many times.


For backpackers and people looking to travel on a budget or even because they like the integration offered by hostels, Hostelworld is the solution. The app offers a wide range of hostels around the world.

Google Translate

When it comes to international travel, Google Translate is one of the most indispensable apps. Whether it’s for asking for information, communicating with local private escorts in Hamilton or even reading a restaurant menu.


For those who want to travel but don’t want to give up on saving money, Blablacar can be a great alternative. The app basically connects a driver who is looking for help with the cost of a car journey with people who want to go to the same destination for a small fee. The app also provides information about the driver and the passengers for a safer experience for both.

Airbnb and CouchSurfing

They are different proposals, but at the same time dialogue for their economy and personal treatment when it comes to accommodation. While Airbnb allows travellers to search for accommodation, be it a room or a whole house, anywhere in the world, CouchSurfing is a cheaper option to stay on a sofa. The interesting thing about these experiences is that often it is possible to share affinities with the host, or homeowner, and also get valuable tips about the destination that only a local can offer.

Google Maps

Google Maps is not just a map application, but a real lifesaver in many moments of the trip. With options such as offline use, street view and signposting to important places, the app is a real must-have for any traveller.

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XE Currency

Travelling to a country with a different currency? XE Currency is the solution. The app performs real-time conversion of hundreds of different currencies. A great way to organise finances and not get carried away with expenses abroad.


The streaming giant can’t be left off the list. Whether it’s to save the traveller from a rainy day, or to relieve boredom on a long-haul flight, the platform has plenty of titles for entertainment.

Once limited to the realm of accommodation, the platform now offers the full experience. With options to search for flights, rent cars and even book excursions. Very handy.

An additional tip when visiting a new destination is to research area-specific apps, as many countries/cities/regions use their own apps for public transport, airport, entertainment, museums and more. Some of them even offer discounts for direct purchases through the app. 

There are many apps nowadays that help plan the journey, whether it’s about getting around, gastronomy, local language, etc. The important thing is to always be up to date and look for the best tools to make the trip as pleasant as possible.


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