Moissanite Bridal Rings: Here is what you need to know this amazing stone

Bridal rings come in different styles and fashions. For a long time, diamonds dominated the gemstone market for making jewelry. However, things changed with the introduction of alternatives to diamonds. Today, we have moissanite bridal rings providing a diamond-like experience for jewelry lovers. Therefore, it is something worthy of consideration if you want quality bridal rings.

Many people are now choosing diamond alternatives due to the continued scarcity of diamonds. In addition, diamonds are expensive and many people cannot afford them. On the other hand, moissanite is lab-grown and provides a cheaper alternative to diamond. Therefore, its growing popularity stems from these important qualities. This beautiful gem is durable enough to use for jewelry making.

What is Moissanite?

Naturally occurring moissanite was first found in a meteorite. Henri Moissan discovered this precious gem in 1893, which they later found to be Silicone Carbide. From that time onwards, scientists started manufacturing it in the laboratory. So, what makes moissanite great for making bridal rings? Here is what you should know about this amazing gemstone:

  • Superior Fire and Brilliance

 Diamond shines bright. However, moissanite shines better due to its high fire and brilliance. The moissanite stone has a higher refractive index than that of diamond hence the reason it is an elegant choice for making bridal rings.

The high refractive index of moissanite is due to its quality cut obtained through improved manufacturing processes. Manufacturers can tweak its look and appearance to make sure it yields this desirable quality.

  • Ethical Considerations

 Lab-grown moissanite is an ethical choice because no mining is involved. Therefore, it is not harmful to the environment. For that reason, people tend to pick it over other stones to promote healthy environments and harmonious communities.

Diamond mining is not sustainable due to the negative impact it creates on the environment. It is also associated with community conflicts. Therefore, moissanite provides an alternative that is sustainable and friendly to the environment.

  • Reliable Hardness and durability

 Just like a diamond, moissanite provides good hardness and durability. Therefore, it is perfect for making durable rings.  The stone comes second to diamond with a score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Moissanite is good for daily wear. This is a good factor to consider when choosing a stone for your ring. You need something that will give you value for money. Most importantly, it is hard to scratch and that means it lasts longer than most stones available on the market.

  • Availability and Price

 The scarce nature of some gemstones like diamonds attracts high cost. However, moissanite is readily available through lab-growing processes. For that reason, it is pocket-friendly. The stone will give you high-quality properties at an affordable price. Therefore, it is worth buying moissanite because of the value you will get at an affordable cost.

  • Perfect cut for jewelry

 Moissanite is easy to cut and work with. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can easily come up with different designs for quality bridal rings.

The stone is versatile enough for use in making different ring styles. Therefore, you have a chance of making unique designs that match your specific tastes and preferences.

  • Carat-Size of Moissanite

 The weight of diamonds is measured using carats. However, moissanite is measured using its size in millimeters. All the same, you can match the size of moissanite with that of diamond although they will record different weights.

If you want lighter stones than diamonds, moissanite is the stone to pick. It is less dense than the same size diamond. Therefore, it is perfect for making quality lightweight jewelry.

  • Shades and Color of moissanite

 Lab-grown moissanite comes in different shades and colors. Therefore, it will give you variety in your search for elegant bridal rings. Common moissanite types have yellow-green, grey and colorless variants.

Moissanite colorless option is comparable to K-color, GIA certified diamond. However, larger moissanite gems exhibit more coloring than small stones.

Buying moissanite bridal rings gives you more value at an affordable cost than other stones. Therefore, you do not need to break your bank to buy an expensive diamond. You can get all the qualities you are looking for in your bridal ring by choosing lab-grown moissanite.


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