Meeting Colombian Brides: A Full Guide On Colombian Mail Order Wives

Colombian Mail Order Bride Guide: Where To Meet A Colombian Wife?

If you want to understand beautiful Colombian brides better, you’ve just come to the right place. Here, we will give you the most useful info about Colombian brides for marriage, explain where to meet them, and talk about choosing the best site with Colombian mail order brides.

Here, you’ll also find the list of the 4 best sites to meet Colombian mail order brides with lots of Colombian women:

  • ColombiaLady — lots of girls from Colombia and Brazil, a great app, and tons of messaging tools
  • LatinWomanLove — thousands of detailed profiles, very fast registration, and a video chat
  • LatamDate — one of the biggest sites to meet a hot Colombian mail order wife where you can have a video chat and send gifts
  • ColombiaGirl — probably the best site where you can call hot Colombian brides for marriage, have a video chat with them, and send them gifts

Meeting Colombian Brides A Full Guide On Colombian Mail Order Wives

Who Colombian mail order brides really are

First, Colombian mail order brides are single Colombian women who want to find a foreign man—typically, they are searching for a man from the United States, but neighboring countries, such as Brazil and Ecuador, are also a common destination for them.

Typically, they are women in their 20s and 30s, and they have nothing wrong with meeting an older man in his 40s, 50s, or 60s. They usually speak quite good English and don’t have children (according to the official statistics, the number of K-1 visas issued to the foreign brides/husbands of American citizens is 4 times higher than the number of K-2 visas issued to children of K-1 visa holders).

Mail bride websites work exactly like such dating services as Match, but with some important differences, e.g. number of features and price. The number of Colombian mail order brides websites is quite high, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are worth your time and money—and unfortunately, searching for a good platform to meet Colombian women can be quite time-consuming.

Meeting Colombian women for marriage: All you need to know

Where to meet Colombian women and how much does a Colombian mail order bride cost? Are the Colombian mail order bride websites legal? How to choose a decent platform with Colombian mail order wives?

Where to meet Colombian brides?

We could say that there are two ways you go: online and offline. But frankly, it’s not like that — finding a beautiful Colombian mail order wife offline is just too expensive and very time-consuming. That’s why there is only one thing you need to do if you want to meet Colombian women for marriage: sign up on a Colombian mail order bride service.

The advantages of using Colombian mail order bride websites are obvious. First, it’s cheaper and faster than going to Colombia and trying to approach a woman on the streets of Bogotá or Cali. Yes, most Colombian bride platforms are not free to use, but they are much cheaper than buying a $250 roundtrip flight to Bogotá and spending something around $500–$1,000 for 1 week in this city without any guarantees that you’ll meet a woman there.

It’s also much safer. Going to Colombia with the intention of meeting Colombian women on the streets or in nightclubs may not be the best idea—although it’s not the most dangerous country in South America, it’s still not that safe (Colombian cities are not new to lists of the most violent cities). Chatting, careful planning, and going to a certain city with the intention to meet a certain person sounds like a much safer idea.

And of course, meeting Colombian women online is much more comfortable and convenient than doing it offline. You just sit at home and choose the right woman, it’s really that easy.

Is it legal to meet Colombian women for marriage online?

Yes, it’s totally legal. Whether it’s a mail order bride dating platform that doesn’t provide any extra services except for live chat or an online marriage agency that provides translation services, transfer, and all possible assistance during your trip to a destination country, it’s still legal. From the point of law, it’s totally okay to marry a non-US citizen and to obtain a K-1 US visa after that. If there are no interview failures, if the visa application isn’t fraudulent, and if your Colombian bride has no criminal convictions/medical conditions that can lead to K-1 visa denial, it’s totally legit to meet her, marry her, and get her to the US. After that, she’ll be able to apply for American citizenship.

Meeting Colombian Brides A Full Guide On Colombian Mail Order Wives

Websites with Colombian mail order brides: What you have to know about them

There are lots of Colombian mail order bride platforms, but only a few of them are worth your time and money. These 4 websites with pretty Colombian brides do definitely fall into that category.

  • ColombiaLady. If you’re searching for a great Colombian mail order brides website and app, ColombiaLady will work great for you. The assortment of messaging tools is really wide!
  • LatinWomanLove. This is a perfect option for those who want not only a PC version of the dating site but also a great mobile app. Video chat, voice calls, and other features are also provided.
  • LatamDate. This website has a great reputation and thousands of beautiful Colombian brides. The registration here is free and you can also browse the profiles for free!
  • ColombiaGirl: A perfect place for any man who is looking for a hot Colombian mail order wife for marriage. The assortment of communication tools is wide, the registration is free, and the number of beautiful Colombian brides is very high.

These sites are pretty similar to American dating websites—they have a similar registration process, they look pretty similar, etc. But obviously, there are a few differences.

First, the ID/photo verification is often a mandatory requirement on Colombian bride platforms. Even if it’s not mandatory, the number of verified accounts is often proportionally higher on mail bride platforms than on American dating websites. However, men are (almost) never required to provide the scans of their IDs during the registration.

The second major difference is that these platforms typically have a much wider choice of messaging tools than American dating sites. This makes sense, too—if you meet in a few days, a simple live chat is enough, but if it takes a month or so, it’s obvious that you’ll need more than that. That’s why most Colombian mail order bride platforms offer such messaging tools as video chat and/or voice call.

Colombian mail order bride websites: Prices

The websites with Colombian brides are typically not free to use. Meeting Colombian woman online will cost you around $50–$100 per month. Some websites have a credit system where you can buy credits and exchange them for various services, the others offer a premium subscription with lots of extra features and services available to premium users. But no matter what system a Colombian mail bride uses, $100 is usually enough for 1 month. However, Colombian mail order bride price depends on the services you’re going to use—obviously, you’ll have to spend more than that if you are going to spend hours in a video chat or to send expensive gifts to your Colombian bride.

Choosing a website to meet Colombian woman: Factors to consider

It’s best to meet Colombian woman for marriage online, as we’ve just figured out. But choosing the right dating platform with Colombian beauties isn’t the easiest task in the world—there are lots of websites that are at least not worth trying. Here, you’ll find the top 5 factors to consider when choosing a dating website with Colombian ladies!

  • The reputation. That’s the very first thing to check before you create an account on a dating website—because if its reputation is not that good, you shouldn’t even start using it. Read the reviews, google everything, and find the information about the owner of the site to make sure it’s trusted.
  • The number of users. Of course, mail bride websites are the “niche” dating sites, so there are no mail bride platforms with millions of users. A good Colombian mail order bride platform should have at least 10,000 members. The more, the better.
  • The quality of profiles. The websites with lots of empty or inactive accounts won’t help you have a great dating experience, it’s a fact.
  • The number of messaging tools. A live chat is ok, but again, the more, the better—it’s always great when you can call a woman or have a video chat with other members.
  • The mobile app/mobile version of the site. It’s not a must-have, but we all chat from our smartphones occasionally, so the design and usability of the app/mobile version of the site is very important.

Colombian mail order brides: Character, appearance, facts, problems

What is the nature of Colombian wives? What are the problems marrying a Colombian woman? And what do statistics say about single Colombian women? Continue reading to find out!

Character traits of sexy Colombian women

Let’s start with the character traits of Colombian women you need to be aware of.

  1. They are really emotional and feminine. Colombian women, as well as other South American ladies, are in general more emotional than other nations. As for femininity, it’s simple—these women are very sensitive, sweet, warm, and very supportive.
  2. Having a Colombian wife means having a traditional partner. But not in the sense that 100% of Colombian women prefer to stay at home and to choose family over career, of course.
  3. Colombian ladies are happy. It’s not something we can describe in a few words—Colombian women don’t think that money is the most important thing in the world, they love people and music, they are very open-minded, and they love parties. It’s just a small part of what makes these women happy.

Meeting Colombian Brides: A Full Guide On Colombian Mail Order Wives 4

Colombian wives: Are they really that hot?

Yes! Colombian mail order brides look great—this country always makes it to the top lists of the countries with the most attractive women, so it’s probably no surprise. Colombian beauties are fit, they have healthy dark hair, and their olive skin looks great. They know how to look fashionable, and they basically grow up with the idea that they have to look great.

The reasons are simple: ethnic diversity, diets, fitness, and beach culture. The latter is extremely important, even though it doesn’t look like that. The point is, Colombia is a country with a huge amount of coastline (almost 2,000 miles!)—and each mile of that coastline is full of women who know they are hot and who are extremely confident about their beauty. Colombian women are pretty similar to Brazilian women in this regard—they are naturally beautiful, they know it, and they are not afraid to show it. A combination that can make any man crazy!

But it’s not only about their physical beauty, of course. The way they move (the stereotype about hot Latinas loving to dance isn’t that far from reality), the way they flirt, the way they date, the way they treat their men—everything is beautiful about Colombian brides.

Almost everything you’ve just read was purely emotional. Now, let’s talk facts.

Statistics regarding Colombian mail order brides

Neither we’ll talk about Women, Business, and the Law Index Score nor about female share of employment in senior management here. Instead, we’ll talk about something interesting and at the same time useful for any man who thinks about marrying a Colombian woman.

The most important statistical fact about Colombian beauties is that Colombian mail order brides are incredibly popular among Americans. This isn’t just words—in 2019, there were more than 1,000 new K-1 visa holders from Colombia. The K-1 visa is a so-called “fiancée” visa, so around 1,000 women from this country got married to men from the United States that year. This makes Colombia one of the most popular mail order bride countries in the world!

Problems marrying a Colombian woman

These problems are not that serious (some of them can’t even be called “problems”), but we believe you have to be aware of them before marrying a Colombian woman.

  • They are sometimes too jealous. Maybe it’s because Colombian men are not that loyal to their women or because Colombian brides (as well as all Latin mail order wives) are a bit too possessive, but the fact is: you don’t want to get your Colombian wife jealous.
  • Colombian ladies are sometimes “too loud”, as some American men say. The problem isn’t that serious, but it’s 100% true—so if your Colombian wife speaks too loud, don’t be angry with her. It’s just a part of their culture and mentality, that’s all.
  • Colombian ladies are sometimes too family-centered. This means that on one hand, you’ll get all those family gatherings and support from her family. But on the other hand, it’s not always a good thing when the family of your wife is too involved, right?


Do Colombian mail order brides make good wives?

Yes, they do—these women are traditional, very feminine, and they believe that a family is the most important thing in their lives. What’s more, they are really hot and loyal to their husbands!

How to choose a good Colombian mail order bride website?

Make sure the website is popular and there are at least a few thousands of users on it. Check the reviews and make sure the site has a good reputation. Then, make sure the assortment of messaging tools is wide enough.

What are the best websites to find a Colombian mail order wife?

ColombiaLady, LatinWomanLove, ColombiaGirl, and LatamDate. These 4 platforms are different but they have everything you need—lots of users, free registration, a video chat, and a great mobile app.

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