Important Points to Confirm While Hiring a Moving Truck Rental Company!

Choosing the right vehicle to carry all your precious belongings holds immense importance. A right truck on the right track makes your moving hassle-free. Settling from one place to another is a tedious task. You already go through a lot of brainstorming regarding how’s and why’s. Especially if you have never rented a truck before, it adds more of a dilemma. However, asking and confirming some important points to the truck rental company can eliminate further complications.

Age and License of Drivers

Usually, the basic requirement of a renter is an efficient driver with a valid license. Besides that, the age limit of the driver is an issue. State-wise the age limit of drivers varies. So check it before you sign an agreement with a cheap moving truck company.

People Who Are Allowed in the Truck

Often truck rental companies charge some additional fees for extra drivers. Get to know all people involved in the moving process. What purposes they are serving, Check-in, especially when there are multiple drivers in the truck. The people who are allowed in the truck during the moving process must be authentic and reliable.

Deposit Required to Rent the Truck 

It is always wise to have an estimate of the expense. Ask the moving authority how much money you have to deposit. That is how you are going to adjust your budget. Some companies place a hold on your credit card for a certain amount. Use cards for money transactions but make sure that does not affect further monetary processes.

Does Insurance Cover the Moving Process?

Your insurance protection while moving in a rental truck depends on what type of auto insurance coverage you have at that time. Some auto insurance policies protect your belongings during the move. Besides that, some credit card companies offer additional protection when you use their card to pay rent. Talk to your auto insurance company before you choose a moving truck for rent.  In case your insurance doesn’t cover the moving plan, you must get a comprehensive car insurance plan to safeguard yourself. Check your home insurance policy also. Check if they cover Insurance for home items while they are on the truck.

Special Insurance Offered by the Rental Companies

Each rental company offers some insurance policies for the sake of the protection of your belongings. Some items automatically fall under the policy, while some don’t. People who want some extra coverage for their precious items can deal accordingly with the company. Though the packages are optional, check the potential benefits before you opt for one. These plans are typically offered in different stages with increasing levels of protection. It depends on how much you choose to pay.

Size of the Truck

The size of the truck that you book for your moving service is something important to consider. If you choose a small truck with many items to move, it will take multiple trips to move all the materials. In comparison, a big truck can move all things together in one single move. As a result, small trucks cost less and large ones cost more. On the other hand, multiple trips cost more than a single move to the same destination.

Rent System

You can borrow a truck in 2 ways- either an hourly basis or a per-day basis. It depends upon many other things like the distance of the destination, how many things you want to move, how fast the vehicle moves. Consider all these matters when you pay the rent. If it is a short distance move, go for an hourly payment. If the distance is far, it is better to book a truck for a day.

Where to return the truck in a Long-Distance Move

If you are moving to a faraway place, especially in some other state, consider the point. Most of the moving companies have other branches in different states. So you need not return the truck driving it back. Instead, contact the state branch of the same moving company. They will take back the truck after your purpose is done.

If Something Bad Happens During the Move?

Moving is never very simple. Being responsible for a big truck is not something you do daily. So ask it before the journey begins. Ask the terms and conditions of the company if any mishap takes place. Who is going to bear the loss and If that comes under the insurance policy?

Additional Accessories

In a big move, a truck is not the only concerning thing. You require proper moving boxes, packages, straps, cello tapes, and other appliances. Some companies offer that equipment additionally. Ask your moving company if they do the same.

Additional Costs

Often hidden and additional costs become a matter of dispute in dealings. Do not let that happen to you. Be very particular about that. Go through the contract papers well. Read all the terms and conditions of the company. Sign it only when you completely agree with it. Besides that, ask them orally if there are any such things as some extra payment.


So these are some of the key things you should keep in mind when you are about to book a truck for moving purposes. If the article seems informative, share it with your friends. Apply the tips when you’re hiring a moving truck for your next move. We wish you a happy and safe journey.


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