Digitalization is a word that has been on the lips of many politicians since the last year or so. This process, according to them, is going to take over traditional processes and formats in every sector of business. Digitalization has also influenced the immigration system. At present, it is an all-paper system with lots of documents involved in running it. Nowadays more and more people are opting for digital services when compared with everything else that exists in this world today. The UK has invested 38 million pounds in the digitalization of its departments since the hurdles caused by Covid-19.

Nowadays, more and more immigrants apply for UK visas via the internet. With the development of technology, e-applications become more and more popular and convenient for applicants. The immigration process is becoming easier with digitalization. Applicants can complete their applications online without having to visit the office or send paper documents. Contact for more guidance regarding the digitalized immigration system and learn how the remain visa process works.

Immigration process after digitalization

Since improvements in the digital system, immigration applications ought to be sent with all the required documents and biometrics to the Home Office. These documents and the biometrics are scanned by a third party who passes the scanned documents back to the home office.

Impacts of digitalization on UK immigration system

The digitalization of immigration has been a great help to those who wish to immigrate. Immigrants can apply for visas and permits online and can even submit applications for family members through an online portal. Also, they have the option to check their visa status online as well.

The digitalization of the immigration system was a gradual process that was implemented over the past few years that started a few years back with the start of online visa form applications. After the successful implementation of an online application form system, a fully developed app for the users for different processes regarding immigration was introduced. In 2019, the department was able to complete a functional app for the EU settled and pre-settled visa application functions. These changes stated have no doubt brought a pleasant change in the whole immigration system. Like any other department, several things were easy to complete. Instead of wasting the whole day at visa centres, the applications were easily submitted by sitting at home with few clicks. It was fast and relatively more efficient.

The authorities at the visa department have also been now able to handle all the applications more efficiently. Instead of handling a great rush at the application centre for submission of forms, the application forms submitted are automatically saved in the database, and authorities can easily handle and review thousands of applications. It not only reduced the pressure and manpower required but also made the complete process relatively faster.

With reduced manual applications, the paperwork reduced the use of paper making a great contribution towards a better environment. It also reduced the risks of losing important documents. With opportunities of backing up the data, now the information of all the applicants is much safer.

Not only these have made things more efficient but have also made the communication of information much more smooth. Now with live chat features, anyone can simply discuss the issues they are facing in the application submission or can inquire about their queries regarding the immigration process. The representative will answer them in no time and it will save quite a lot of time then need to physically go to the visa department and have the query sorted.


With all the plus points, there is no doubt that there are some drawbacks too of the digitization of the immigration system. Mainly any glitches or breakdowns in the system are unavoidable in technology and that can sometimes cause severe issues for applicants as well the authorities. It can cause delays and confusion for legal attorneys and applicants leading to a great uproar.

Despite all the convenience that comes with digitization, the cumulative costs of managing and running the system with technology increase and can cause a major drawback.

In short, with making a lot of things easy when it comes to immigration and saving up a lot of the time the latest digitalization of the immigration system has its drawbacks too. You must get in touch with experts to understand and learn the technology when you are going to apply for immigration so that you make no mistake.  Total Law has expert immigration lawyers who can help to get through the process quite easily.


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