Illinois Online Sports Betting Market became 3rd Biggest in 2021

In such a short period of time,  Illinois has managed to become one of the biggest sports wagering hubs in the US. As you may already know, Illinois sports betting went live in 2020, and since then, the state has consistently ranked among the top three online betting states in the US, with a potential for much more.

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that with today’s choice of gambling platforms, making sports bets will only become more accessible and easier. If you are interested in finding the best Illinois betting sites out there, make sure to check analysts at

In today’s day and age, betting is almost in every sport. Its rapid growth has transferred it into a billion-dollar industry. There are various reasons why online sports betting became so popular, some of the main ones include:

  1. Convenience and accessibility
  2. Endless options
  3. Boosts finances


As betting expands, the boundaries that once separated gambling from sports media and professional sports leagues are disappearing. Sportsbook apps make sports betting possible on mobile devices, which essentially gives a foothold across all of America. And, by the looks of it, this is still only the beginning since the industry is poised for explosive growth.

Finally, it is believed that Illinois online sports betting could finally realize its full wagering potential when the state’s in-person wagering requirement is permanently lifted on March 5th, 2022. After that date, Illinois residents will be able to bet on sports entirely online.

Registration Process

While Freshmen continues to impress Underwood, the state of Illinois continues to impress its competitors with how their online sportsbooks are operating at a blistering pace. Currently, a lot of people are interested in registering an Illinois sports betting account so let’s have a look into how to achieve that.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register online with any of the active online sportsbooks in the state. Instead, all sign-ups must be completed in person. Keep in mind that new accounts are required for each online sportsbook. You can only use your account for that specific sportsbook operator.

If you want to register at an Illinois sports betting account, you will have to provide your name, date of birth, home address, and the last four digits of your social security number. This is all part of the age/identity verification process.  The legal age for playing casino games and sports betting is 21.

Are There Any Restrictions I Should Know About?

Generally, there are some restrictions you should know about before registering an Illinois sports betting account. First of all, you must be 21 or older in order to place bets on sports. Second of all, Illinois online sportsbook operators use geolocation security technology, so while you do not have to be an Illinois resident to wager, you must be in the state at the time the wager happens.

Aside from these two restrictions, Illinois law also has a specified list of people who are not permitted to place bets in the state. Furthermore, the IGB has the right to ban bettors as well as allow them to be placed on a self-exclusion list. This list exists as a safety protocol to help individuals protect themselves from gambling problems.

After you finish registering your account, the next step is to deposit money. Just like with many other states, Illinois has multiple options available to customers that are both convenient and quick when it comes to accessing money. Some of the banking options available include PayPal, Wire transfers, and credit and debit cards.

Sports Teams in Illinois

Home to the fifth-largest state in terms of population, Illinois is very well represented in all major sports. For example, the Bears continue to be one of the biggest in terms of overall fandom in the state, and the recent success of the Blackhawks has lifted the profile of hockey in Illinois.

Furthermore, the Cubs are no longer considered basketball’s lovable losers after their 2016 World Series title. As for college sports, Illinois law prohibits online betting on local college teams. However, legislators passed a bill that allows such wager at retail casinos.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Illinois has established itself as a top legal US sports betting market in 2021, trailing just behind New Jersey and Nevada sports betting in terms of handle. The inconvenience of registering in person is expected to disappear on March 5th, 2022, which will likely foster more growth in the state.

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