How to Make Money on Crypto-Games?

After stepping into the digital world, we have found many innovations that have shaken the world and changed our way of earning, including Cryptocurrency. It works on blockchain technology, and with the significant rise of the crypto industry. Many game developers are moving into this field to create crypto games.

As a gamer, you can earn money while playing, which is known as a Play-to-Earn game (P2E). P2E games are based on blockchain technology, where every game’s data is secured, and the computers connected with a database will share the same information. In short, no one can alter the information available in the blockchain.

Crypto Gaming- A Short Guide

As a gamer, you must have played plenty of traditional games where your prime focus was to win the game, but have you ever noticed how the gamers tricked you? In traditional games, you don’t have complete control over the game, and once the server is off, your winning virtual rewards go in the pocket of an operator. That was how the developers treated the gamers.

But in crypto games, you get the real value of the in-game items, and everything is transparent because the game is based on blockchain technology where all the connected computers access from the same database. In terms of making money from crypto games, you have three major ways, i.e., in-game items, advertising, and affiliate marketing. Pretty similar to slot games though that can be found on Gclub online casino and Slots XO website.

How does monetization on Crypto-Games Works?

Now, you know the best ways to earn money from crypto games, and it’s time to know how exactly it works. This idea will help you generate a good amount of money by playing games, as the list of such games is provided in the article. If you go through the purchase of in-game items such as characters, weapons, costumes, and others, you need to spend the money in the form of Cryptocurrency, and you can trade the same to the interested one in the form of real money.

The best crypto games through which you can earn money

To earn money, you need to invest money, and the same case applies with these games, but still, there are some exceptional games, and you must give them a try.

Coin Hunt World

It is a mobile-based gaming app that is highly applauded among gamers, and it is just a replica of the Pokémon Go game. In the former game, you just had to collect the Pokémon, but in the CHW game, you need to collect the blue dude. It’s a geo-location game which means when you move, the blue dude will also move, and your task is to collect all the blue gems. Once you wind up that job, you will have to go through some QA quizzes. If you give correct answers to the said questions, you will earn BTC or ETH.

Fantom Wolf Game

If you love farm-based games, then Wolf game is good for you, but you need to spend some money to purchase an animal here. The game’s plot is simple, get more and more sheep in your shed, shear them and get the wool. Once you get a good quantity of wool in your digital locker, you can sell them to earn Cryptocurrency.

The Fantom Wolf game is risky because of the uncertainty of getting animals (Sheep/Wolf) against the purchase. On the off chance, if you get a wolf, it will damage your shed and kill the sheep. Before playing the game, you will have to add a crypto wallet for the smooth transaction of real money into Cryptocurrency.


CryptoBlades is one of the kinds of RPG games based on Binance Smart Chain technology where the gamers get the Binance Coins (BNB) after winning the battle. If you are aware of BNB, you must know it is available for U.S. residents. But if you are a resident of another country, you can go with Binance Global to play the game.

You have to create an account in a cryptocurrency exchange that offers BNB coins to begin the game. You will need them while buying the characters, weapons, and other in-game products. Hence, win the battle against your enemies and earn BNB coins that have a good market in the digital world.

Plant Vs. Undead

In this game, you will have to give complete care to the plants, including feeding, sowing, plantation, and other activities. You must retain the PUV token to buy seeds and other accessories to start the game. There is also a chance to earn in-game currency, i.e., LE Token, by helping your neighbor pour water on his farm. This game is very interesting that will allow you to earn money while following your gardening hobby.

Some Popular NFT Games

Non -Fungible Token is also high in demand, and many gamers have developed the game to enable the players to trade their collectability in the NFT platform. So, let’s see what the best and most popular NFT games that can make you richer are. But before you step in into any blockchain projects, be sure to install a modern antivirus to protect your gains from thieves and VPN if you are from China or other Asian countries.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular games in the Philippines, and after that, it gained momentum globally. Axie in the game symbolizes Monster, and to play the game; you will have to buy three monsters from the app store of the game. Once you collect the rewards after defeating your enemies, you can use them in Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Additionally, you can participate in the daily quiz to earn more Cryptocurrency through the game.

Zed Run

It’s a horse running game where you need to buy the horse inscribed on the NFT card. Once you win the race, you can trade your NFT cards for Cryptocurrency. Zed Run is a simple game where you have to rely on your luck, and if you win, you will earn a good amount of money.


If you are a football fan and have good knowledge of this sport, then this game will give you good profit. It’s a fantasy game based on blockchain technology where you can create a football team based on the players’ cards. Once your team wins, you will get the rewards in the form of Cash or Ether.

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