How To Know If The Car Tires Are In Bad Condition

The tire is one of the most important active safety elements of your car. For this reason, we want to explain and help you make good use of your wheels so that you get the most out of them.

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First of all, it is important that you understand how to detect tire wear so that you always know when to set up the car correctly.

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How to know that some tires are deteriorated?


The most important factor to consider is the depth of the tread. If the depth of the grooves is less than 1.6 mm there is a great loss of grip that seriously affects the safety of the vehicle and that of its occupants.

Uneven wear can also occur reducing wheel grip. This wear can be a clear symptom of a possible mechanical problem or incorrect maintenance, due to poor alignment and balance.

Uneven wear in the center of the tire. It is a clear consequence of a tire that has become unbalanced. It usually manifests itself with a shallower depth in the grooves inside the wheel than on the sides.

Irregular wear on the shoulders of the tire. It can also happen that the opposite effect occurs. That is, that the depth of the grooves in the inner area is correct and that the wear occurs in the outer area of the tire. If this phenomenon occurs and the sides show greater wear, it will be a clear sign that it is necessary to balance the wheels.

The rubber of the tire is totally or partially torn off. Sometimes wear can occur suddenly with deteriorating rubber being torn from the surface of the wheel. This can lead to a partial or total loss of the drawing. In these cases, we advise you to replace the tires immediately.

A periodic review a year will avoid many scares of this style. Carrying out maintenance following the manufacturer’s instructions will be essential and you will be able to get the most out of your tires for much longer.

What are the most common damages in a tire?

The tire may have externally visible damage that indicates a possible deterioration in the structure of the wheel. These can be: punctures, deformations or the appearance of lumps.

A tire carcass failure can also occur due to fatigue. In these cases, the external appearance of the side can show a problem. This type of breakage can occur if the wheel is scratched or hit with a resistant surface having to withstand strong pressure.

Presence of localized damage. Due to use, the weather or the road situation, the tire could present cuts or other types of damage to its structure in a localized way. This can occur both on the side and on the tread.

Finally, we have the deformation of the tire casing. This deformation is usually caused mainly by an impact. If this is very pronounced, it could even end in a break with a possible blowout.

Our recommendation for the care of your tires:

Some careless drivers forget tasks as important as carrying out a periodic inspection of the tires. This usually occurs due to ignorance or simple neglect. If you detect any of these anomalies in your wheels, do not let it pass, the safety of you and the people accompanying you could be exposed to unnecessary dangers and your car to damage that is expensive to repair.


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