How to Get Clients From TikTok: 5 Video Ideas

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is one of the most active social networks today. It’s also an opportunity to get customers for your business. Here’s how to use TikTok videos to attract new clients and generate more sales for your online store or platform that can be used for recreational purposes.

Why Is TikTok so Popular?

On this social network, you can not only create and watch short videos, but also communicate productively with your audience through hashtags, contests, collaborative videos, and so on. And TikTok’s recommendation system offers your videos to those who are really interested, so it’s easiest to reach your audience here without investing. The main condition is to make interesting content.

People have less and less time for content – they like to learn something new quickly, have fun and get inspired. So now is the perfect time to adapt this trend to your business.

Many social networks have copied TikTok’s short video format. But it’s worth it to start posting them at the source: It’s easy to react, share, comment, and create duets, all of which increase user engagement.

TikTok has everything from doctors debunking health myths to moms making comedy videos. That means whatever your product is, you’re sure to find your audience here. And here are some ideas on how to do it.

Show How You Make Your Product

If you sell products that you make yourself, TikTok users are sure to love videos of the process of making them. Show how you prepare to make the product, buy and prepare the materials, how you make it, package it, and what you end up with. Or make a long video explaining the creation process in detail. And don’t forget to put a popular song or sound in the background that matches the style of the video to bring the process to life.

For example, PlayAmo owners can make short videos about how to use the site and place bets on slots. Or if you create unusual hand-made tea cups, you can show your subscribers how you make them.

Make ASMR Videos With Your Product

The ASMR genre, which is so popular on TikTok now, is about different sounds, like whispering, rustling paper or tapping nails on metal, that make viewers feel good. Such videos can be very simple to make and get a million views in 24 hours.

Post Videos Not Related to Your Product

You have to keep in mind that people come to TikTok to have fun, not to watch ads. So if you sometimes make videos that aren’t directly related to your product, you’ll have a chance to reach more people and get their attention not only with your product line, but also with your personality.

Experiment with content. For example, some makeup artists make videos about applying makeup, telling interesting stories from their lives behind the scenes. You can also just shoot funny sketches, comment on unusual Direct requests, react to other users’ videos in duets, and so on. The more varied your content, the more interesting it is to watch.

Show the Results of Using Your Product

Nothing promotes a product quite like a video showing the results of using it. You can make them yourself, or you can ask for smaller clips from clients and edit them yourself. If you collaborate with bloggers and send them your products, their video reviews can also be used in your profile.

Be sure to monitor mentions of your brand on social media so you don’t miss out on important reviews or content you can post.

Adapt TikTok Trends to Your Brand

TikTok trends are either the same videos re-shot hundreds of times by different people, or more original videos based on the same script but with different content. We need the second option: take a trend and adapt it to your product or service so that it looks both organic and interesting.

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